Petition For Joe Rogan To Moderate A 2020 Presidential Debate Gains Momentum

Written by K. Walker on August 12, 2019

If Joe Rogan was a 2020 Debate moderator, would you be more likely to watch?

Joe Rogan has fans on both the left and the right. Neither side agrees with him completely, and he is truly his own man.

A petition to have the popular podcaster, UFC commentator, and comedian selected as one of the moderators for the 2020 Presidential debates is gaining steam.

The petition began with a modest goal of 7,500 signatures. As of this writing, that has been bumped up to 10,000 and is nearly there with just over 8,000 signators. The vast majority of these were added in just a few hours and rising in real-time.

Get Joe Rogan to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Debate

The case is laid out simply in three points.

The first point is that Rogan is well-known and respected, largely due to his hugely successful podcast where he conducts long-form interviews with a wide variety of individuals from all over the ideological map.

1. Joe Rogan is a widely respected host who has hosted interviews with politicians, economists, scientists, and other popular figures, who come from various walks of life.

He has experience dealing with political thinkers from both the left and the right.

2. Joe Rogan has experience with interviewing both progressive and conservative thinkers. Figures such as Andrew Yang (D), Tulsi Gabbard (D), Kyle Kulinski (D), Gary Johnson (L), Benjamin Shapiro (R), and Candace Owens (R), have all appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” program.

He has an audience that crosses the ideological divide, which is unique in an increasingly divided America where everything is politicized.

3. Joe Rogan has an audience containing viewers from all areas of the political spectrum. Joe Rogan is not registered under any political party and is well-known for having civil, productive, and interesting, conversations about political issues without partisan bias.

You can sign the petition here.

Recently, Rogan has conducted some long-form interviews with a handful of Democrat 2020 hopefuls — Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Bernie Sanders. In the interview with Bernie, the Senator from Vermont expressed that he was frustrated with the current Democratic debate format and called it “demeaning.”

Considering Rogan is just as frustrated with the debate format, especially the time constraints, it’s unlikely that he would agree to be a moderator. That said, it is interesting to see that many voters would like an unconventional choice of debate moderator.

It might even engage people that don’t bother to vote.

The obvious cheerleaders in the Media(D) that “moderate” the debates aren’t even-handed in enforcing the rules, and are inserting their own opinion into the debates. This can clearly be seen in Don Lemon’s horrific “Do you still beat your wife”-style questions where he asserts that President Trump is, very clearly, racist, that gun-control is absolutely necessary, and that only black people can determine the value for reparations, which are obviously a given.

Yeah, Joe Rogan would be a much better choice than that clown.

What do YOU think?

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