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WATCH: Here’s What We ALL Missed About Trump’s Baltimore ‘Scandal’ … Someone Tell CNN

Meeting Trump took him from wondering if maybe there was something to the rumors fo his racism to saying, “…it really DID show me the human side of him. A racist can’t think like that.”

Last week, when Mike ‘The Pillow Guy’ Lindell was guest-hosting for Seb Gorka on ‘America First’ there was one throwaway line in a conversation with his guest that most of us missed.

That ONE throw-away line COMPLETELY changes the Trump is a racist who hates Baltimore narrative that the PartisanPress of the Media(D) have been spoon-feeding us… which is EXACTLY the battle-plan the NYTimes have laid out for the media.

If you remember, when Trump tweeted about the craptastic conditions in Baltimore, there was predictable national outrage that Trump held inner-city and (of course) the minorities who live there in special contempt.

All the usual talking heads came forward with the usual talking points.

But now… almost a month later, we’re seeing the REAL ‘story behind the story’. And there wasn’t even an explicit Trump apologist or a ‘here’s what Trump was really doing’ statement on the part of the person who provided this information. All he did was describe something he had said in passing.

But that thing he said was the KEY.

The person doing the talking is former NFLer Jack Brewer and you can see him join the program in the second hour, just after the one hour mark.

Here’s a partial transcript of what he said. He opened by  admitting that he wasn’t really sure what to expect in meeting the President, or what his REAL attitudes toward race issues might be, since the racial narrative, as he puts it, ‘gets in your head’.

He described his meeting with President Trump:

First, his own logical pushback to the ‘racial narrative came from an observation he made himself: “The guy’s passing ore policies to help black people than any president since LBJ.”

Then he met him. And that changed everything.

“I got a chance to meet him and God blessed me with that opportunity, and I gotta tell you , from the second I met him, for the time he slapped me on the back with his [inaudible: hat? hand?] … he was so warm and welcoming.

I sat across from him for almost an hour. Unbelievable. He gave me that much time and I had just left Baltimore. And it broke my heart to see all those kids living in that — in those crazy conditions. You know, it’s unexplainable. It reminded me of Haiti. And so, I told him that and asked him to call out some of these Democratic Politicians in these inner cities that are just failing the people because the Bible tells us to go out and seek the poor and help feed the hungry, help the homeless and we’ve got THAT in our own country that we’ve gotta deal with. And the President felt that.

Talk about fatherlessness, and you go to a lot of these places and 77% of black babies — 77% of black babies — are born in America with no father in the home. And I said that to the President, and he stopped me. And he said, “You know what? Black women are the strongest women in our country cause they’re raising these babies, and giving it all they have… and that’s America.”

And I almost broke down, man. Because, you know, as a, as I love my mom, and I, as a black man who fights and advocates for these rights for underserved black people, I’VE never even had that perspective or thought of it in that way… it really DID show me the human side of him. A racist can’t think like that.

So this advocate for the rights of what might be described as the ‘forgotten’ people in the inner city sat down with the President and talked about the President ‘calling out’ Democrat inner-city leaders. He even specifically lamented the nightmarish conditions the good people of Baltimore have been enduring.

He said, in this interview that was recorded on August 23rd that his meeting with the President was… don’t get ahead of us here… 4 weeks ago.

Do the math.

Slightly less than 4 weeks earlier, what were we dealing with?

That would be right about the time that Trump called out Baltimore’s sorry state… and got denounced as a ‘racist’ because of it.

Isn’t that about the time that Trump stared calling out Elijah Cummings for how he’s failed Baltimore, and Nancy Pelosi for failing her rat-infested riding? Why, I do believe it WAS.

As it turns out, the President was doing the very thing a black athlete and advocate was hoping he would do. And the President was man enough NOT to hide behind the easy dodge ‘I was only doing what someone ASKED me to do’.

He takes the ‘buck stops here’ message that used to sit on that Presidential desk seriously.

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