Lawsuit: Huffpo & Feinberg Defamed Black Student For ‘Killing Kennedy’ To Push Anti-Kavanaugh Narrative

Written by Wes Walker on August 27, 2019

We predict that history will NOT look kindly on the ‘professionalism’ of our current crop of ‘journalists’. But losing a few lawsuits like this one may help hold them accountable.

It seems like so very long ago that the Kavanaugh circus came to town, doesn’t it? But it’s only been a year. Weird, eh?

In the meantime, we’ve had an election, a change in the makeup of Congress, some wild ebbs and flows in the tides of political fortune. The Covington kids and Smollett. The ‘manufactured’ border crisis that wasn’t. And some violent action had been taken against ICE offices in the name of Antifa.

But while the rest of us have been riding this rollercoaster of a news cycle, one man has been trying to get his life back after having his good name defamed.

In her September 20, 2018, article entitled, “Former Student: Brett Kavanaugh’s Prep School Party Scene Was a ‘Free-For-All,’” Feinberg (now at Slate), claimed an anonymous former Georgetown Preparatory School student had identified the overdose death of David Kennedy—the son of the late senator Robert Kennedy—as the “catalyst for changes in Georgetown Prep culture” and in the marking of “the end of the school’s free-for-all party scene” that dominated in the 1980s when Kavanaugh and Evans both attended the Bethesda, Maryland high school.

In her article, Feinberg specified that “two students – David’s brother Doug, and his friend Derrick Evans – had helped score the coke” that killed David. Not only was this statement false, as Evans explained, he had “actively assisted law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting the individuals who actually sold the illegal narcotics to David Kennedy.”

Yet, as Evans’s lawsuit details, the Huffington Post stuck with the story even after “an officer of Fox News, where Douglas Kennedy works as a reporter,” informed the online outlet “in no uncertain terms that its article was false and defamatory, and had obviously been published without any fact-checking whatsoever.” The Fox News officer, according to Evans’s complaint, told Huffington Post the article “was so deficient it should be removed in its entirety from HuffPost’s website.”
Source: Federalist

Even the ‘correction’ they put in was no better. It wrongly blamed the roommate. When a lawyer contacted them over THAT correction, there was a milquetoast reference to having ‘wrongly characterized their involvement’ in an event they not only had ZERO involvement in the first place, but had actually assisted law enforcement in prosecuting those who WERE involved.

This narrative served two purposes, both illegitimate: One, to thwart Kavanaugh’s confirmation by painting his alma mater, Georgetown Prep, as a party school for the privileged, and implicitly appearing to confirm Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her while intoxicated in high school; two, by using the Kennedy name and “tags,” the Huffington Post sought to spur hits and make the story go viral.
Source: Federalist

Who is this man that Feinstein and Huffpo so willingly threw under the bus in their zeal to block Kavanaugh’s appointment?

Evans is “a teacher and civil rights and environmental justice advocate from Mississippi” whose only crime is having attended the hoity-toity Georgetown Prep. While that might be enough of an offense for the left, they might be interested in knowing that Evans, a descendent of Mississippi slaves, attended the private school on full academic scholarship and was one of the only African-American students at the time.
Source: Federalist

We wish Evans all the best with his lawsuit. Maybe a few big hits to the pocketbook will teach today’s journalists a lesson in civility and professionalism.

It’s a lot to ask, sure… but it could happen.

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