Sleepy Joe: The Gaffe Machine Cranks Up To High Gear… With A ‘Racist’ Statement

Written by Wes Walker on August 9, 2019

If he’s going to spend his time chucking rocks at ‘racist’ Republicans, he might want to clean up his own language.

After all, Kamala Harris has already painted him as a friend of racists before.

And Mr. ‘Put You All Back In Chains’ was trying to tell us how terrible and racist Republicans are. But he flubbed it… big-time.

Can you imagine how the Democrats would pounce if he said that? ‘Proof positive’ that he’s racist, right! As it was when Trump said he appreciated ‘forgotten’ Americans who DON’T have the advanced degrees and powerful public voices so many politicians pander to (‘uneducated voters’) And how about this one?

We all remember how Kellyanne Conway got roasted for saying ‘alternative facts’, don’t we? The press assumed the absolute worst when what she really meant was that she was looking at the same data set through a different set of assumptions than the hostile media was… and came up with different conclusions.

Speaking of Kellyanne…

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