Good Patriot Calls BS On ‘Beto’s AR15 Boogaloo’ — Don’t Lose Sight Of The LONG Game!

Written by Wes Walker on September 17, 2019

Here’s why we shouldn’t let these Democrat ‘shiny objects’ and bold proclamations distract us from the bigger picture.

If we get caught up in the news cycle, we get drawn into the big, bold proclamations and the sense of urgency they are trying to inject into the conversation about why it is absolutely necessary that we relinquish some aspect or degree of our inalienable rights.

Take a moment to think about that last sentence, and what, exactly, they are trying to talk Americans into. We fought and bled so that we would exist — and continue to exist — as a nation with a revolutionary spirit that would possess both the will and the means to throw off the chains of a tyrant, should one manage to find his way into high office, despite all the checks and balances carefully put into place to deter one.

And they point their fingers with cries of ‘do something’ while offering nothing more specific than the wholesale stripping of our ability remain a revolutionary nation by stripping us of the means we would have to throw off those chains if it ever came down to it.

But Good Patriot makes an excellent point. This is a clever pressure tactic that they hope to make us all fall for.

Think of it as their own twisted version of ‘Art of The Deal’. Make your initial demand absolutely insane and impossible for the other side to accept. When you make another, lesser offer, it will seem like they are being reasonable and ‘compromising’.

But these are the same people who have shown their true colors time and again. The ratchet only turns one way. They take that incremental gain, make it the new ‘normal’, and come with NEW demands that take them closer to that big ‘insane’ goal they had in the first place — the complete negating (in fact or in practical terms) of the Second Amendment as a deterrent to Big Government overreach.

Good Patriot even gives some examples of what ‘compromise tactics’ we should be watching for, and why we shouldn’t accept them.

How should we push back against their long game? For THAT, we’re going to have to wait for her next video.


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