Hey CNN: That Hunter Biden Scandal Has A Fusion GPS Connection… Is THAT News?

Written by Wes Walker on September 24, 2019

Thanks again, Fredo, for helping bring a national spotlight to this story… the press had been steadfastly ignoring it for months.

The Dems have been stepping on a lot of rakes lately. This time, the foot belonged to Chris Cumo who obviously did NOT have custody of the shared Cuomo brothers brain when he argued with Guiliani on TV over the supposed whistleblower scandal, bringing intense attention to a situation in Ukraine the media have said nearly nothing about for months.

The wheels continue to fall off the whistleblower story, who even CNN admitted never actually had andy direct knowledge of the ‘upsetting’ conversation…

… and whose reporting criteria are specifically written to govern Intelligence Community staffer, a group which does NOT include the President.

But so far as the Biden connections to Ukraine, things are just heating up.

The energy company Hunter Biden was connected to was Burisma. Keep that name in mind, we suspect it will be popping up pretty regularly in the near future.

Despite being kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse and having no demonstrable business acumen, Hunter Biden nonetheless in 2014 landed a $50,000 per month gig on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas concern.

Coincidentally, the law firm that helped arrange the sinecure, Boies Schiller, previously hired Fusion GPS, the shady opposition research firm retained by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to concoct the Russian collusion hoax, to run interference for Theranos, the infamous fake blood testing company whose founder was charged with wire fraud.

When Burisma later attracted the attention of Ukrainian law enforcement, Joe Biden personally intervened to make sure Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor looking into the company’s finances, was fired. You don’t have to take my word for this, because Joe Biden bragged about his efforts to fire the prosecutor investigating the company that paid Hunter Biden a $50,000 per month sinecure. …
Soure: Federalist

Did you happen to catch that paragraph about who Boies Schiller is? Make sure you didn’t just skim it, because there’s a lot of pretty damning stuff packed into a few sentences.

After all this, the Democrats are calling Trump the ‘real threat’ to the democratic process, and desperate to get the impeachment process rolling and much of the media are their willing accomplices.


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