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‘Squad’ Member Defends Former CAIR Director Yanked From Women’s March For Antisemitism

Weird, why does the Women’s March keep having this same problem?

For all the time and trouble the Left has been taking to smear the right as overwhelmingly racist, why is it the Left that keeps running into trouble like this?

As a quick recap…

They point to bigoted attacks against people on the left, but time after time they turn out to be hoaxes, ranging from claims of guys attacking a woman in a hijab all the way up to Jussie Smollett. If they do happen they are by no means the sort of thing you can plot into a trend line. Violence and hostility against people wearing Red Hats, on the other hand, are another story.

Anyone who ever pulled a lever for a Republican — or even speaking well of one — is somehow under suspicion for being ‘Alt-Right’, ‘white supremacist’ or even ‘Nazi’… including people like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Dave Ruben, Candace Owens, and Zuby.

But where do we find the REAL racism?

Strangely, it’s the Left who keeps coming up with connections to KKK (Robert Byrd); white supremacy (Richard Spencer as a guest on CNN); embarrassing blackface photos; and any number of connections to people like Louis Farrakhan [The’Scandal Free’ POTUS: Photo Of Obama With Farrakhan Was Buried For 18 Years] and an assortment of Antisemitic connections and ideas.

Even Nancy Pelosi called BDS Antisemitic as recently as March, and yet a number of her own party members are pushing for it.

Now Rashida Tlaib is defending yet another racist.

When Nancy refused to specifically and directly call out the antisemitism problem in her party, she gave tacit approval for it to continue unabated… which is exactly what we have seen since.

And Rashida Tlaib seems to LOVE some old-school antisemites. Like the one that got kicked out of the Women’s March for being… you guessed it… bigoted against Jewish people.

Turns out there are still people in Washington that are ‘old-fashioned’ enough to think bigots should NOT be running a (supposedly) civil-rights movement. And it wasn’t that long ago that they dumped Linda Sarsour for similar reasons.

Sarsour was (briefly) replaced by Zahra Billoo, a woman who had been an Executive Director of CAIR, until some of her public statements about Jews became widely known.

In 2010, Billoo equated Israelis with Nazis, and declared: “No need for a holocaust museum, seeing as Israel has taken it upon itself to recreate it. #Israel #Nazis.” In 2014, she made a similar statement, asserting that “Israel ‘defending’ itself from Palestinians is analogous to Nazi Germany defending itself from Jewish uprising.” Billoo also indicated support for Hamas, declaring, “Blaming Hamas for firing rockets at [Apartheid] Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist.”

Almost exactly a year ago, Billoo opined that “the Israeli Defense Forces, or the IDF, are no better than ISIS. They are both genocidal terrorist organizations.” Her social media posts include numerous similar statements, and like many radical anti-Israel activists, Billoo also frequently denounces the US. Last year, Billoo described the White House as “a war mongers’ shelter” and a “Zionists’ shelter.”

Not even President Obama was good enough for Billoo, who told her followers in 2012 that she was “troubled by the fact that many of the people who condemn the Taliban for their crimes cheer on Pres. Obama despite his comparable crimes.”
Source: Algeminer

Undeterred, Tlaib rushed to the defense of her ‘sister’…

Funny, isn’t CAIR the one habitually calling everyone ‘anti-this’ and ‘anti-that’ complete with threatening lawyers’ letters? We’ve got specific named behaviors that we’re denouncing.

And Rashida Tlaib — as part of the Squad and the ‘new face’ of the Party — is quite proud to stand in solidarity with Billoo’s antisemitism.

Then again, should that REALLY surprise anyone?

If there was any doubt whether Pelosi was still behind the wheel of her clown car, her ongoing failure to reign this in should remove it.


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