Justin Trudeau ‘Brown Face’ Scandal Gets WORSE — 3 Photos, 1 Video AND COUNTING…

Published on September 19, 2019

Wokescold Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being mocked WORLDWIDE for a photo of him wearing dark stage makeup to turn him into Disney’s Aladdin.

This could get much, much worse.

Yesterday, Time reported that privileged Canadian Prime Minister wore “brownface” all the way back in 2001 when he was merely 29 years old and a teacher at a private school in British Columbia.

Check out our ClashDaily coverage here:

Canada’s ‘Woke’ PM Trudeau Gets Busted Wearing Blackface… And It Gets Worse

And this smug SOB has mocked the fitness for office of others?

First, Trudeau’s latest scandal began with the release of THIS photo.

(Ironically, he could have passed far better as Aladdin if he hadn’t darkened his skin.)

During a press conference, Trudeau admits that the photo published by Time wasn’t the only incident of blackface and that when he was in high school, he “put on makeup” and sang “Day-O” also known as the Banana Boat Song.

Quickly, a photo of that emerged:

This morning, a video was released:

Followed by yet another photo, which is arguably worse than the first one:

I wonder if he joked that he bought his costume turban at “Turban Outfitters” with these Sikh men.

I wouldn’t put it past him.

Some members of the Media(D) — especially those in Canada during the current 40 day election campaign — is attempting to cover for Trudeau.

Some are saying things like, “It was almost 20 years ago! Think of how different things were back then!”

Uh, no.

Social norms weren’t all that different in 2001.

We just remembered 9/11 and many of us felt like that was just yesterday.

This blackface incident happened in that same year. 

And 2015 elected Trudeau was elected Prime Minister.

The thing is, this could explode. Mr. Substitute Drama Teacher (hey, no judgment there, I am a part-time Drama Teacher!) has a real affinity for costumes. He was mocked for out-Indianing the Indians in his clothing choices during a rather embarrassing trip to India last year. 

This meme explains:

During the presser, it seems that there might be more culturally insensitive photos of Trudeau out there.

Warren Kinsella is a former Liberal strategist, political pundit, and author. He is well-respected in Canada for his astute political commentary. He has called for Trudeau’s resignation.

In another tweet, he asks a pointed question:

It’s appalling considering some dudes wearing pro-oil and gas shirts were banned from a tour of Parliament. 

This is actually a real thing that happens in Canada in 2019.

Can we just cancel Canada already?

And oh, Lordy, the memes!

People are asking where Trudeau is today… oddly, he’s not out there jogging shirtless which is how he tries to get positive news.

Trudeau has had a rough week. First, he appeared high in a video, then he was “overly friendly” with a 19-year old girl, and then…

The Liberal party was trying to call Conservatives “white supremacists” for one candidate appearing on a video in 2013 with former Rebel Media personality, Faith Goldy, who has been labeled a white nationalist.

It was then reported that Trudeau once took Goldy out for drinks in Ottawa some years ago. His team is still denying the claim, but witnesses say that it was true.

That was pure genius.

Indeed. A whole new world of mockery.

The Post Millennial, a Canadian media site posted a hilarious video of the apology:

But, you know this story isn’t about the behavior of Justin Trudeau… the real story here is that “Conservatives Pounce!” and will be punished by the Social Media(D) gods for it:

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