LIBERAL CODE: A Brief Translation

Written by John DeGroff on September 2, 2019

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere or are somehow totally cut off from the 24 hours news cycle and the Internet, you’ve no doubt become aware how liberals have coopted the English language.   What we all grew up thinking certain words and phrases meant is no longer the case.  No, our “betters” have changed things around so that “tolerance”, “inclusion”, and even “co-exist” now are actual code words.   So, as a public service, I’ve decided to offer just a brief list of certain ubiquitous phrases and their new, libtard approved meanings.  (This is by no means comprehensive.  I have something resembling a life and consequently don’t spend a lot of time trying to keep up.)
I’ve written before that if the left ever really takes over, it’s a sure bet all us deplorables will be herded off the some kind of “re-education” camp.  During the Holocaust, the Nazis had the words Arbeit Macht Frei over the gate to Auschwitz.  Translated, it means “work makes you free”.   Yeah, sure does…if being worked to death is your option to the gas chamber.   I sincerely believe the left’s camps would have the words “We Need To Have A Conversation” over the gate.  Whenever a liberal wants to have a “conversation”, what it really means is: “The rest of you, shut up,  sit down, and listen a lecture from your betters.”   They seem to have forgotten a true “conversation” is an exchange of ideas, sometimes even opposing views, that involves more than one person.
We’ve heard this one endlessly during the last few years.  An accurate definition of collusion is:  “a secret agreement or cooperation for an illegal, deceitful purpose.”   To the left, if means “what the other guy does to win an election that we should have won.”   The irony is that “collusion” is not even used as a legal term.
Basically, this refers to anyone who is: conservative, white, male, Christian, has a job, owns a gun, believes in the Constitution, reads the Bible, etc.   It has been coopted to also include any non-white who strays from the Dems reservation.   The word is thrown around so much, even liberals are starting to see that it’s no longer effective.  It’s often being replaced by “white supremist”, which is basically the same thing, only with a clearly defined skin tone.  What liberals miss entirely is that “racism” is not unique to the U.S.   Racism has unfortunately existed throughout human history and will probably continue to do so.   But, we’re the most “racist” country ever…so we’re told.
This is sort of secondary definition of racism.  It’s now considered racist to ask someone (usually of color) to present a valid, current I.D. in order to vote.  Forget the fact that I.D.’s are required to cash a check, board a plane, gain entrance to many facilities, etc.  I even had to show I.D. to renew my library card.  (For those of you don’t know what a “library” or a “library card” is…Google it.)   This is a very thin-skinned attempt to pack the ballot boxes for Dems  with the votes of illegals.  Besides, the new liberal motto is:  “Remember to vote early, and vote often.”
SJW (Social Justice Warrior)
In most cases, the “W” in SJW really means “wacko”.   SJW’s are probably the one true success of the liberal policy of inclusion.  Hey, if you’re available to riot and/or march, you’re now an activist and/or “warrior”.   Doesn’t matter if you even understand the issue you’re marching/rioting for or against.  No…just be there.  When it’s over, if you’re not in jail, you’re free to wander back home to Mommy and Daddy’s basement and play video games.   Yup, real “warrior” stuff.
P.C. (or Political Correctness)
This is an article worthy category unto itself.  In fact, it’s book-length worthy.  (And there’s plenty of material already out there exploring this totally deviant way of existing.)   To sum up, no matter what you say, do, write, sing, and even think, if you’re conservative you’re probably wrong and everything about you is somehow offensive.  The “thinking” part is no joke either.  Your intentions, be it for the next ten minutes or the next ten years, are probably politically incorrect and therefore completely offensive.   PCism dovetails nicely into the best possible example, which is a category of code all by itself.  That being…
We all grew up thinking…crap….KNOWING….there were two genders.   Transgender, transsexual and intersex don’t really qualify as specific “genders”.   They are, however, included in Facebook’s list of 58 gender options (as originally reported by ABC News, 2/13/14)   That is not a typo or mistake on my part.  FB allows 58, as in FIFTY EIGHT…separate labels for an individual to choose from when selecting their gender on their profile.   If we’re going to start doing this so no one gets their knickers twisted, there won’t be enough room on any kind of application, or a birth certificate or even a driver’s license to be that “inclusive”.  I have a simple plan.  How about this:
U=unclear on the concept.
It’s apparent that just like the word “racism”, “gender” now also has no real meaning, except the meaning dujour someone wishes to give it.
Of all the liberal code, I have to admit I really hate this word.  “Woke” is truly defined as “the past part of wake”.   Or, to be woken up is to be awakened.  That’s proper usage of the word.  I guess no one bothered to press “1” for proper English.   But, in libtard land, to be “woke” is obviously to be super/hyper-aware of all the possible ways you can now be offended by us deplorable normals.  All I can really say is, hang in there snowflakes…we haven’t even started to be offensive to you “woke” folks yet.
This is another truly loathsome liberal code word.   Why do you never hear of “knife crime”, “hammer crime”, “poison crime”, “heavy, blunt object crime”, “vehicular crime”….?
Why  always “gun crime”?    Check out the FBI stats on the different categories of weapons used to commit murder.    There actually is a category for things such as hammers when used to commit murder.  I think we all know the answer to “why”, though.
The more the left can indoctrinate their useful idiot minions to believe that guns, and only guns, are responsible for murders and mass shootings, then they won’t have to focus on the fact that it’s the person using the gun that commits the crime.  Not only do they use this in order to strip away the Second Amendment, but they also want to direct your attention away from the fact that under liberalism, real crime is no longer punished.  No, guns are now apparently self-aware enough to go about committing crime all on their own.
This is an easy one.  The phrase “reproductive health” ALWAYS relates to abortion.  It has nothing to do with actual birth control methods or testing for STDs, AIDS/HIV.   No, the “health” of the woman is no consideration.   And abortion is about as opposite to reproduction as you can get.
As I mentioned earlier, this is by no means a comprehensive list of liberal code words.  So, here’s another homework assignment.  Pay close attention to what liberals really say and then watch what they really do.  There’s an abundance of double standards, lies and out right hypocrisy that’s sometimes easy to miss.  Fact is, though, we’re now “woke” enough to understand this.
As always, thanks for your indulgence.
John DeGroff
John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.