Odessa Shooter Already FAILED One Background Check Before Getting Hands On Murder Weapon

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2019

How about we make sure the EXISTING laws are properly applied before rushing off to write new ones, shall we?

This wouldn’t be the first time existing checks and balances failed to protect the broader public.

When it was Parkland, the shooter had run afoul of police any number of times, and he WOULD have been disqualified except for the system that shielded even habitual offenders from meaningful consequences. (Having those meaningful consequences would have made all the difference.)

And the Sutherland Springs shooter should have been disqualified from owning a firearm — but there was a paperwork snafu.

In the running gun battle where one dumbass shot up Odessa and Midland Texas, we saw a similar scene.

Said Dumbass had been fired from his job as a truck driver earlier that day. He was pulled over for failing to indicate. It was during that stop that all hell broke loose.

But well before that moment, Dumbass had already tried to buy himself a gun — unsuccessfully.

The safeguards worked — at least that one time.

How he DID eventually get his hands on one remains unclear.

Beto and others have grand plans of forcibly taking guns away from lawful owners who don’t WANT to be stripped of them. Maybe before going Full Draconian, we could make sure the safeguards we DO have in place are properly applied.

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