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REP. SCHIFF: Transcript Reveals ‘A Classic Mafia-Like SHAKEDOWN Of A Foreign Leader’ (VIDEO)

“This is how a mafia boss talks,” said the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA) was doing his best to be a model McCarthyite.

He assured the American people that he had “significant evidence” of Russian collusion. He said this repeatedly but has not produced any of it.

Li’l Adam did manage to make the rounds on the Cable News shows, though. (He just didn’t bother to bring a sheet of paper to wave around.)

The Congressman who thinks that there was “direct evidence” of so-called “Russian collusion” with President Trump that Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to find and that Trump is “Putin’s Puppet” is now shifting to “Trump is working with Ukraine.”

No wonder some call him “Shifty” Schiff — it’s not just his sketchy McCarthy-like tactics against political opponents, but also his constant pivoting to target his political opponents.

Before the transcript was released, Schiff was positive — positive, I tell you! — that there was deliberate quid pro quo in the conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

Now that the transcript has been released, well, overt quid pro quo isn’t necessary. You can just have implied quid pro quo as an impeachable offense.

The House intelligence committee chairman noted that the Ukrainian president mentioned his country’s need for military assistance before Trump asked for “a favor” from the foreign leader.

Schiff added that a direct quid pro quo is not the bar for impeachable offenses. “There is no quid pro quo necessary to betray your country or your oath of office,” Schiff said.

But he added that he thought one could read the conversation, as conveyed by the White House memo, as a quid pro quo.

Source: The Guardian

In a press conference today, Schiff said that President Trump spoke like “a mob boss” and called Trump’s end of the conversation was a “classic mafia-like shakedown of a foreign leader.”

Schiff also explains how he can read the mind of President Zelensky of Ukraine and how “Ukraine knew what they had to do.”

This dude is such a joke.

This entire witch hunt is so ridiculous. They’re desperate to overturn the results of the 2016 election and sabotage the 2020 election.

But, let’s let them rejoice in the nothingburger that they think will finally bring down President Trump.

As a matter of fact, why not give them a little music for their childish “Impeachment Party”…

K. Walker

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