Six Of Seven Accused In Baltimore Stabbing Are Illegal Aliens AND MS-13 Gang Members

Written by Wes Walker on September 9, 2019

But we mustn’t call them ‘animals’. Because Pelosi will defend them and their ‘spark of divinity’.

A brutal gangland stabbing has resulted in seven people charged with each facing a potential of life in prison for each person charged should they elect to charge rather than deport them.

A victim from a rival gang was killed in an especially brutal fashion. Which is MS-13’s usual MO.

An ICE spokeswoman told Fox News on Sunday that the agency has issued six immigration detainers. The federal agency said that detainers were lodged once the individuals entered local law enforcement custody on murder charges.

Of the seven suspects, six are in the U.S. illegally, the ICE spokeswoman added. Of the six illegal immigrant suspects, who were not named, five are Salvadoran and one is Mexican, ICE said.

All of the six illegal immigrants were identified as MS-13 members in an ICE gang database, the ICE spokeswoman said.
Source: MSN

There was definitely deliberate intent involved in the killing:

Baltimore County detectives say members of MS-13 stalked 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar home from the laundromat in July and stabbed him to death — one killer allegedly armed with a machete-style knife — outside his apartment in Towson. Investigators attributed the killing to a war between two Latino street gangs, 18th Street and MS-13.

…MS-13 is active in Maryland but more common in the D.C. suburbs as federal prosecutors allege in an ongoing racketeering case against two dozen purported members. The prosecutors say the gang has operated primarily in Anne Arundel, Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Members of MS-13 have been charged with murder, drug trafficking, extortion and other crimes.
Source: Baltimore Sun

There is an established presence of a viscious gang that has been exported here from El Salvadore. And with our porous border, what could stop them from coming right back over that border again if they were deported?

Do you think Pelosi will be alarmed and decide it’s time to stand up for the safety of US citizens threatened by gang that builds its reputation on just how brutal and soulless they can be?

Don’t count on it. Remember her outrage last year when Trump called these viscous jackwagons ‘animals’? She lurched to their defense.

The most peculiar thing Nancy had to say concerned the “spark of divinity” she believes resides within the violent street gang, MS-13.

Currently, most of these so-called Salvadoran “divine creatures” roam the streets of America illegally. According to Robert Hur, an official with the Justice Department, the culturally diverse MS-13’s motto is “mata, viola, controla” – which translates “kill, rape, control.”

Notorious for their hand signs, machetes, and full body tattoos, MS-13 participate in activities that involve things like human- and drug-trafficking, child prostitution, kidnapping, gun-smuggling, murder, and gruesome styles of retribution.

In the Northeast, on Long Island alone, MS-13 committed 25 killings in the past two years.
Source: American Thinker