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South Floridians Spared From Hurricane Dorian Launch RELIEF EFFORT For Storm-Ravaged Bahamas

How AWESOME is this?

Hurricane Dorian may have bypassed the Sunshine State but the storm is still on the minds of Floridians.

South Florida is stepping up and donating their hurricane supplies in a grassroots relief effort for those in need after the hurricane stalled over the Bahamas for several days.

Organizing hurricane relief for a foreign country is a much better diplomatic move than Canada’s former (and, might I add, pathetic) Prime Minister hoping that Hurricane Dorian would hit Mar-a-Lago because she doesn’t like Trump. 

The Bahamian community in Coconut Grove has been especially generous. Christ Episcopal Church has become a major donation hub as teams of volunteers are organizing and packing up donations to get them sent out to as soon as possible.

At Christ Episcopal Church in Coconut Grove, the donations kept rolling in at an impressive rate. The same is true at many other locations throughout South Florida.
Donated items, in the hundreds, have been sorted and are ready to go as soon as tomorrow.

“We need especially batteries, flashlights, battery-operated radios, tarp, rope and things to tie the tarp down with,” said father Jonathan Archer.

Other locations such as fire stations are taking donations as well.

South Floridians, who are no strangers to the devastation and the need following a major hurricane, are donating so much that the request has been made for wooden pallets to stack the boxes on for shipping. What a problem to have!

That’s pretty awesome, Florida!

Due to the damage to the airports, getting the aid in can be really tricky, but a Fort Lauderdale airline normally used for tourism is offering to use their planes to deliver the supplies as well as bring in doctors and first responders.

“We have a very generous offer from Tropic Ocean out of Fort Lauderdale executive. They have seven Cessna Caravans. They’re mainly for the tourists but they have a good cargo payload and they have pontoons and they can land on the water,” said Commissioner Ken Russel.

Russel told us those first flights will be for doctors and first aid responders.

Watch the relief effort in Miami-Dade:

It’s the same just a little further north in Broward County:

Dang, Florida… this is just so amazing!

Floridians recall that it took several days for relief efforts to begin in the Homestead area in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 are hoping to mobilize relief to the Bahamian neighbors quickly.

“We continue to pray for the well-being of our neighbors in The Bahamas, who have faced a monster storm that has already caused death and destruction, and we are moving quickly with relief efforts,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

“Here in Miami-Dade County we will match our thoughts and our prayers with action by offering as much assistance as we can in the aftermath of this unprecedented event and hurricane,” Gimenez added.
Source: CBS 4 Miami

It often takes a natural disaster like this to unite people, and that’s because it reminds us of the things in life that are truly important.

Americans are incredibly generous.

What is so heartwarming about this story is that this is largely a grassroots movement and people are choosing to donate supplies, time, and money on their own rather than relying on government intervention or being coerced to do it.

That kind of generosity is a distinct part of the spirit of America, my friends.


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