WATCH: Millennial ‘Solution’ To California’s Housing Crisis Is Inspired By… COMMUNISM

Written by K. Walker on September 11, 2019

You’re supposed to PAY for this?!

It isn’t cheap, either.

CNN Business reports that for the low, low price of just $1,200 a month and privacy, you too can rent a bed, locker, and television in the thriving metropolis of San Francisco.

Elvina Beck, CEO of PodShare says that the “inspiration” for the open-concept community housing model was… Communism.

She was born in the USSR in 1985 and created a housing system that was an opt-in to the communist-style housing options where “all your needs were met.” Podshare would include some things that those young, hip folks need to live — Ramen, cereal, toilet paper, and toothpaste — all provided for you!

The big question is if avocados are also provided. Aren’t those considered essentials of life along with free WiFi?

No word on whether you have to line up for food.

I guess it beats your parents’ basement. Besides, then you won’t be nagged for joining the ‘rents for family dinner or lectured for how much time you spend on your phone.

Beck says that the concept was for people like her — single, no pets, no kids. Sure, there’s the small price of privacy, but you get to live right in the heart of a rat-infested urban center suffering from a “defecation crisis” without having to pay a security deposit.

There seems to be no upside so far, right?


PodShare has multiple locations, so when you book a Pod, you can stay anywhere within the network. Like Los Angeles.

It’s a freaking timeshare for bunk beds.

This is an introvert’s hell.

It was mocked on Twitter. Including quite severely by Ian Miles Cheong, Managing Editor of Human Events.

Gulag or Concentration camp…

…or Opium den?

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