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WATCH: School Children Chant ‘Who Do We Hate? DONALD TRUMP!’ At Open Borders Protest

The left loves to prop children up to push their agenda. It really needs to stop.

Margaret Vandenberg, a conservative filmmaker and producer, captured a video of a large group of very young children holding up signs and chanting against President Trump.

When she attempted to ask the adults why the kids were out of school and if the elementary school children understood what it was that they were protesting, some of them refused to answer her questions and told her to leave.

The video was filmed on September 16 at the “Close the Camps, Free the Kids” protest in San Francisco. It was a school day and three schools are reported to have participated in the protest.

Radio host Todd Starnes related the story and interviewed Vandenberg on his radio show after she posted the video on social media.

Starnes wrote:

If you need proof that our nation’s public education system has been taken over by leftist radicals who have weaponized children for political purposes, look no further than a September 16th immigration protest on the streets of San Francisco.

Hundreds of school children were filmed chanting, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!” during a protest in support of illegal immigrants in downtown San Francisco.

Vandenberg told Starnes that she was shocked to see young children — some of whom were in Kindergarten — being indoctrinated to chant support for open borders and that they hate the president.

“We all know that indoctrination happens at the college level, and to some extent at the high school level, but to see it happening to students as young as kindergarten is unbelievable,” she said. “These people need to be called out.”

On the extended video on YouTube, one of the schools was identified as Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Community School.

One of the parents tells Vandenberg that her daughter learns about illegal immigration in school and she supports the protest. Teachers and supporters were so happy that the children were “taking part in the political process” and “exercising their right to protest.”

Of course, it’s unclear how well the children comprehend the complex issue of immigration, illegal immigration, and detention of those who break immigration law.

But, before Vandenberg was able to query any of the children on their thoughts on benefits or drawbacks of the Flores Settlement, one man wearing a Mexican flag as a cape threatened to call the police on her.

Vandenberg said she was shocked to see adults using grade-schoolers as political pawns and “cramming a social justice agenda down the throats of children.”

“It’s unbelievable to me that we have this radical leftist agenda and these activist teachers in San Francisco public schools who see it as their job not to educate students but to indoctrinate them,” she said on my radio program.

The video shows the children chanting several slogans including, “Who do we hate?” with the response, “Donald Trump!” and “Brick by brick, wall by wall, the border wall will fall” while holding anti-Trump signs, some of them mocking and derogatory.

When she asks a boy holding a protest sign calling Trump a “Cheeto” if it was ok to make fun of someone about their skin color, she was told to move along.

What happened on the streets of San Francisco should horrify every freedom-loving American.

Those children should be learning about math and science. Instead, their teachers are turning them into community organizers.

Source: Todd Starnes At Fox News

You can watch Vandenberg’s full video where the kids also chant, “No justice, no peace.”

That is horrible.

Why is the left so obsessed in using children to push their political agenda?

Remember these gems from 2009?

Barack Hussein Obama Mmm Mmm Mmm…

Sing for Hope… Sing fo Change…

But the left would probably tell you that they were just fine with it.

Of course, they’d completely freak out if the kids were caught smirking in Washington D.C. while wearing a MAGA hat. 

Yet, some of the photos on the protest signs of “children in cages” were from 2014 when then-President Obama was enforcing the law just as the Trump administration is doing now.


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