DISGUSTING: Unhinged Leftists Use CHILDREN To Make Foul-Mouthed Anti-Trump Video

Written by K. Walker on October 29, 2019

So they get a few cute, little girls to drop the F-bomb. What’s the big deal? It’s for a good cause, right? All’s fair in #Resist.

Ah, the left and their weird, weird moral outrage!

Funny, morality doesn’t seem to rank very high on the list of virtues for a vast swath of folks with a (D) behind their name.

Take the Katie Hill saga…

She and her husband get freaky with a female campaign staffer, allow nude photos to be taken, dumps them both — allegedly for her male Congressional staffer. She then cries foul when said nudes become public and she has to resign because of the ethics violations due to the fact that she is a Congresswoman (in a position of power) in a sexual relationship with her underling… or underlings as the case appears to be.

Now the Media(D) are all over the story because Ms. Hill is the victim, you see.

Imagine taking that view if there were explicit photos of Harvey Weinstein shared by the women he preyed upon.

Leftists are so odd with their Frankenstein’s monster-style stitched-together worldview.

But I digress…

Do you know what else is morally reprehensible? Using kids as human shields to push a political agenda. That’s what this group is doing, and they’re making it even worse by having cute little kiddos drop some big, nasty words while they call for taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand and decry the POTUS a racist “sexist d*ck.”

They have adorable little girls in pink knit kitty hats and denounce everything from defunding Planned Parenthood and standing for the right to life for preborn children, to the border wall, to the fabricated “Muslim ban.” The video shows a man wearing a Trump mask with his arm around the shoulders of… Governor Northam? Is that you? As Gov. Northam would tell you, it’s difficult to tell who is under the KKK hood.

Serious language warning. 

PussyScouts.com is the feminist wing of the t-shirt company FCKH8.com that sells progressive merchandise and they do so while manipulating children. They also have a campaign called “Potty-mouth Princesses” which is quite similar and has been praised by leftists like Whoopi Goldberg and Rachel Ray. (By the way, the company also has complaints with the Better Business Bureau for not shipping products that were paid for.)

Here’s a thought… why don’t we just let kids be kids?

How about we don’t bring in children to push political agendas? Maybe don’t have them shouting at the President for wanting to enforce immigration laws that are on the books, restricting access to the United States from countries that his Democrat predecessor listed as “high risk”, and not wanting to use taxpayer dollars to abort children mostly because they are an inconvenience to the woman who should’ve known that sex — even the “protected” kind — can cause pregnancy.

This video is from 2017, but it’s making its rounds on social media again as the impeachment process is dragging forward and 2020 is right around the corner.

It’s just as disgusting in 2019 as it was in 2017.

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