DOUBLE STANDARDS: When GOP Said ‘Mob’, Media Called It ‘Racist’ — So Why Are THEY Saying It?

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2019

The Media gaslighting campaign against Republicans is continuing right on schedule.

It’s hard to think of a more obvious case of media bias than when they contradict their own narratives like this.

Roughly a year ago, throngs of angry protesters upset about the Kavanaugh hearings pushed their way into the halls of Congress harassed people they met there and even trapped people in elevators so they could berate them.

Conservatives caught hell for using a word that described angry throngs of people.

Apparently, using ‘the M-word’ was some sort of a racist dog whistle or something.

Here’s a clip showing just how bent out of shape they used to get about that word:

Alright, they have demonstrated that a consensus of Media talking heads agree that such language is retrograde and regressive.

So we would naturally expect that everyone in the media permanently abandons such language, eh?

Well, that would require some intellectual honesty and consistency.

Here they are using the very same language they scolded us for using. But since it’s being used to describe OUR side’s ‘bad behavior’ it’s a perfectly serviceable word to use.

Do you notice some of the same faces in both videos?

Oh, and it’s cool to dismiss people with the pejorative ‘white guys’, now, too.

Isn’t that EXPLICIT racism?

And didn’t the first video say ‘racialized mob language’ this ‘Nixonian law and order language that we’re hearing’?

Doesn’t that pretty much sum up the SECOND video?

What happened to their proud defense of all manner of protests?

There’s a REASON we call you fake news.

And you’re helping prove our case.

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