With Durham’s Investigation Shifting Focus To Criminality, Key Dems Are Getting Jumpy

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2019

Whatever happened to ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ll be fine’ and ‘let the investigation run its course’?

When Team Trump were obligated to sit on their hands and suffer the daily onslaught of accusations, innuendo and political paralysis that came along with the endless Mueller investigation into supposed Russian Collusion (which he found ZERO examples of on the part of US citizens), it was unconscionable to speak ill of the process, or the heroic and honorable men and women of the FBI and Intelligence Community.

Even when it came to light that some of them were obviously duplicitous snakes, as corrupt as the day was long, and wound up being reassigned or fired for cause, criticizing the process was bad form.

Through the entire process, Trump asserted NO political privilege. And he came out the other side battered, but without a single demonstrable charge they could lay at his feet.

Once the Mueller Investigation had wound down and disbanded, Trump was free to send HIS team in to answer some questions that had been of no interest to the Mueller Team without anyone claiming that it was somehow ‘obstruction of justice’.

Certain irregularities surrounding the potentially unlawful surveillance of President Trump’s campaign called for answers. And now it was time to get them.

Bill Barr, who had served in this role before, had no connections or potential conflicts with the current crop of FBI leadership was called in to clean up a Federal Agency whose leadership had been politically corrupted and in whom, public confidence had been seriously damaged.

Barr chose a straight arrow that had been respected by both parties for his ability to follow the facts where they might lead — he was once appointed by Clinton’s AG Janet Reno to look into the Whitey Bulger case.

Compare that rock-steady confidence Dems had in Mueller and his 13 Angry Democrats with some very obvious conflicts-of-interest to what people like Nadler and Shifty Schiff are saying today.

Tool of political retribution? Do they think we’ve all forgotten that Comey deliberately tried to FORCE the scenario that would put Mueller into place to investigate a President he loathed?

How is that not ‘political retribution’?

Worse still, how is weaponizing EVERY committee to target the President and everyone in his orbit with endless investigations under the guise of ‘oversight’ not ‘political retribution’?

As for ‘political narratives’, Schiff lives in a house made entirely of glass on this front and has a profound lack of self-awareness.

He has been holding meetings that are SO secret that he’s excluding the legal counsel of the accused and comparing them to a Grand Jury. But he’s then stepping out of that same meeting to leak selective salacious and damaging material from that ‘grand jury-like’ meeting, while facing NONE of the consequences one might face from criminally leaking the legally untested accusations made in such an investigation.

This is nothing less than oppo research and propaganda on the government dime.

He was using his privileged position in the House Intelligence Committee as a means of slandering Trump with innuendo for two years with ‘more than circumstantial’ evidence of wrongdoing that even MUELLER couldn’t dig up.