Tulsi Gabbard Speaks On Hannity, Objects To Dems’ Impeachment Circus — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on October 25, 2019

There are maybe two Dem candidates that are original enough in their thinking that they aren’t all but interchangeable with the others. And she’s one of them.

That’s what makes her an interesting candidate, and (at least theoretically) a potentially dangerous rival.

Fortunately, Dems are far too upset about her breaking ranks with the Democrats’ push for Never-Trumpers’ rush to mob justice to pay that detail any notice.

Now that she’s telling the Democrats to pump the brakes and open up the process to daylight, she has marked herself as a ‘dangerous outsider’ to their mob mentality, and what do Democrat activists DO with ‘dangerous outsiders’? They get thrown to the wolves.

Tulsi isn’t even asking for anything too dramatically different.

She understands her party is going to press ahead with the impeachment process. She’s concerned with HOW they do so.

In past impeachment processes, there was transparency and cooperation between both parties. There was the cross-examination of witnesses. White House legal counsel could be present.

None of that exists in the present scenario.

And on top of all that, for a supposedly ‘super-secret’ process that must not be so much as observed by others, all the most out-of-context and useful for a public-smearing of the President are conveniently leaked.

They compare it to a ‘Grand Jury’ without acknowledging that anyone caught leaking Grand Jury information gets hauled off to jail.

This is nothing more than Oppo Research and narrative-setting providing irrefutable dirt for the 2020 election. And all of the statements when they ARE released will (conveniently) be very damning because neither the accused, nor the Minority were able to provide witnesses of their own to rebut or give context.

Worse still, there is mounting evidence of Schiff himself having tainted the process by clandestine cooperation (by himself or his staff proxies) with (coordinating?) witnesses, including the so-called Whistleblower that kicked the charade off to begin with. These meetings took place outside of the ‘formal process’, however irregular this Soviet-style show trial may be.

Gabbard, for herself, has done the thing that Democrats have hypocritically been calling Republicans to do all along.

She is putting country before party. Her concern that if this process is not conducted correctly, it could further divide this nation.

We differ on many things, but we can respect her on that point for sure. Perhaps the best thing that can be said about her is she is NOT just another party Bobblehead.

Such a display of independence may be shocking to Hillary. Maybe Hillary mistook her unwillingness to walk lockstep with the Democrat directives for being a ‘Russian asset’.

After her appearance on Hannity, the left’s Twitter mob has come to echo Hillary’s ‘r

There’s a certain irony in that.


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