Project Veritas Proved CNN Is Openly Hostile To Democracy… What’s Next For CNN?

Written by Wes Walker on October 15, 2019

Democracy doesn’t die in darkness, it dies a tortured death on camera at CNN, and on the pages of a few key papers, too.

Project Veritas did us all a favor by proving what we have all intuitively known. That the Media(D) has earned the nickname we’ve given them. That they are nothing more than the weaponized Audio-Visual department of the Democrat Party.

Now that Project Veritas has pulled back the curtain and shown us all how weak and pitiful the wizard really is, we see how openly our Democratic process has been threatened by people working explicitly in the interests of the party they had aligned themselves with.

Stuck with Trump against their will (how could the public even DARE to vote for the wrong party like that?) they set about almost immediately with the task of trying to undo the results of the election.

Every initiative he proposed they would oppose. Every nominee would be slow-walked if not sabotaged. And he would be endlessly harassed and dogged by clouds of suspicion and contempt until the day they could finally exult him as they would over a defeated foe.

Simply put, their tactic was the precise opposite of what they had done when the LAST guy was in office.

But we now have both the New York Times AND the vaunted CNN caught red-handed pushing an explicit destroy-Trump no matter the cost agenda. NYTimes already knows the stories they will tell about him two years into the future (Trump-is-racist). And Zuckerberg gives daily instructions on which angle of attack they will use on the Impeach Trump resistance on a given day.

So, what should happen now? What is there that CAN happen now?

Since CNN benefits largely off of cable bundling packages where they are included whether you want them or not — and therefore get paid, whether anyone watches or not — maybe we could propose legislation allowing a citizen to remove any channels they do NOT support from a bundle so that they will not pay for any channels whose content they find objectionable.

If the government doesn’t cooperate with this plan, you could go to them directly and DEMAND the right to exclude any channels you find objectional from a bundle, so that your money does not support them — and if they do not offer such an option, you can always join the cut cable movement.

This might make CNN more responsive to Market Pressures.

One might speak to AT&T about the recent expose on Zuckerberg and give them a period of time to replace Zuckerberg before cutting ties with any AT&T products or services you may be using.

We could ask our elected officials to see whether any FEC election laws have been violated by the preferential treatment CNN and the other media outlets have been giving one party over another.

You may have others in mind, too. Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.