RIGHT OR RIDICULOUS? Steve Bannon Makes BIG Prediction About The Hildebeast

Written by Wes Walker on October 1, 2019

Did he eat from the wrong plate of brownies, or does he know something about Hillary we don’t know?

Bannon figures she’s going to jump into the 2020 race, and she’s just looking for the right opportunity to do so!

She couldn’t POSSIBLY be THAT big a glutton for punishment, could she?

Does she think that a do-over will give her the win that would validate her as a person and a politician?

Bannon thinks Hillary’s reappearance on the scene might be her looking for an on-ramp back into the race.

Play from about the seven-minute mark or so, and you’ll hear his rationale.

Biden, he figures, is toast. He’s a chess piece they were willing to give up in an effort to knock off Trump. With him gone, there will be some room in the supposedly ‘moderate’ lane in the party.

He doesn’t see the timing of this book launch as accidental, nor her grandstanding with her anti-Trump rhetoric. Why suddenly now?

Is it just about selling books, or is it to get her base (if it still exists) stirred up again?

She’s not calling CHINA a ‘clear and present danger’. But the duly-elected President?

Yeah. HE is the REAL danger, Hillary.

That’s almost as rich as YOU, of all people, being upset at Trump for putting classified information WH staffers are leaking on MORE secure servers.

Are you SURE you want to draw more attention to questions of servers and security — especially with Crowdstrike back in the spotlight?

Good luck with that.

So what do our readers think? Is the Hildebeast back, or nah?