Cheers Or Jeers? Rival Videos Showing Trump’s UFC 244 Visit — Who Do YOU Believe?

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2019

Was the crowd cheering or jeering the presence of POTUS when he showed up at UFC 244? Different videos make conflicting claims.

Trump went there and had a good time, as you can see:

Before we get to the conflicting video, this clip was just too fun to pass up. Here is Trump getting his due from some badass athletes who see a different sort of a warrior trait in Trump that they can respect… regardless of party affiliation.

(Language warning.)

When was the last time you ever heard a Democrat or Media personality give Trump even the grudging nod of respect one might grant to a worthy adversary? They just can’t bring themselves to do it. It’s part of why we don’t take the Media seriously.

Why would Dana think so highly of the President? Because the President played a role in the early days before UFC become the phenomenon it is today:

So… now that you’ve heard both clips (and enjoyed a few other clips thrown in for good measure) who do you believe in the battle of cheers and jeers?