CHICAGOLAND: Cops Pass Big Milestone In Illegal Guns Seized… Already Surpassing Last Year!

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2019

Hey Dems, have you noticed yet? The real problem isn’t the LEGAL guns in circulation, but the illicit ones.

We’re not yet in December, and police have passed a major milestone in gun seizures. For context, let’s look at the historical numbers first.

In a typical year, police in Chicago seize about 7000 firearms. Last year, that number ticked up to 9,800.

This year? We’ve crossed the 10,000 mark before hitting December.

Too big a number to wrap your head around? Try this: that works out to one firearm confiscated every 48 minutes of the year so far, according to Chicago police spokesman Guglielmi.

The problem isn’t law-abiding gun owners… these are ILLEGAL guns being seized.

The problem is illicit gun ownership.

These are not people who go through any standard gun procurement process, so it makes sense that ordinary gun laws — and Chicago has heavy restrictions — don’t make a dent in the real problem.

Johnson used the announcement to criticize current gun laws and the treatment of gun offenders in court.

“We really need systematic change to prevent these guns from ever finding their way into the city,” Johnson said. “Until our legislators get serious, we’re going to continue talking about this.”
Source: Sun-Times

Revisiting our treatment of offenders may be the required solution.

Of course, in a Sanctuary City like Chicago, that opens up a whole OTHER set of complications. How many of the people flaunting our gun laws, and showing utter disregard for human life, have also flaunted immigration laws and are illegally here from somewhere else?

We’ve already seen AOC pump the brakes on aggressive gun legislation that would help ICE to chase down illegal aliens trying to illegally acquire firearms.

When forced to choose between saving lives and shielding illegal immigrants, how many in Obama’s party are really willing to stand behind their ‘if it saves one life’ rhetoric if it requires them to Barbeque a Sanctuary City sacred cow in the process?


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