Hey CNN: Does This Damning Richard Spencer Audio Make You Regret Inviting Him To Trash Trump On Tapper?

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2019

Leaked audio attributed to Richard Spencer right after Charlottesville says some pretty heinous things about Jews.

CNN expressed concern about letting KellyAnne Conway come onto their network, but Jake Tapper was happy to invite Richard Spencer onto his show to spew hate against Trump.

Richard Spencer was very happy for the exposure CNN gave him. He was brought on as a convenient ‘NeverTrumper’ not as someone whose feet were held to the fire over beliefs repugnant to all of polite society and probably even most of the fringe knuckledraggers and tinfoil hat wearers.

Honestly, most of us would be THRILLED to have a dirtbag like him reject us… in particular because he doesn’t like our attitude toward Jews.

If he’s looking for a party more amenable to his views on Jewish people, he might want to consider the one lobbying for BDS against Israel. The party that has suggested withholding aid to Israel and giving it instead to the Palestinians.

Damning audio has surfaced, which has been attributed to Richard Spencer. We don’t know the guy, so we will have to defer to the judgment of others who are more familiar with him. Maybe Jake Tapper could confirm whether it’s really him?

Assholes like this guy (whether it’s really Richard Spencer or not) are EXACTLY why we need to stop throwing the word ‘racist’ around like a skinny kid in a mosh pit.

When even MILK and MATH are denounced as ‘racist’, calling out this pinhead a racist loses much of its rhetorical force… and therefore, loses its ‘peer pressure’ social value as a criticism of those behaviors we will not tolerate in polite society.

You can hear the audio in this tweet. The racist profanity is every bit as bad as you might expect. You’ve been warned:

Hey, Ricard. News flash for you. Not only do you NOT ‘rule the f***ing world’. — NOBODY REALLY LIKES YOU.

His incoherent screeching is morally offensive. Yes, that’s true. But notice something else, too.

Those high pitched screams of outrage sound like they were voiced villain on ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. In that screeching, cursing sound. Can you hear it?

That’s the voice of utter impotence pitching a tantrum.

Do you hear laughter, Richard Spencer? You should.

It’s the sound of America laughing at you, you pathetic little man.

Irony of ironies, Christians would agree there is only one cure for that kind of seething hatred that possesses him if he ever tires of his life of meaningless rage.

It would take bending the knee to a certain crucified Jewish man, and asking that the seething diseased heart he’s burdened with be replaced with a new one that is capable of loving even those he has learned to hate.


Race-Baiting CNN Invites Richard Spencer As Guest On Their Network