Must Watch: Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Joy Behar For Calling Her A ‘Useful Idiot’

Written by K. Walker on November 7, 2019

Somebody opened a 64 oz can of whoop-ass and it’s incredibly satisfying.

Conservatives have found a “strange new respect” for Democrat 2020 hopeful, Tulsi Gabbard. She has served her country not just as a Congresswoman, but also as a member of the National Guard. Gabbard is not toeing the Democrat party line, she’s willing to go on Fox News to reach non-Democrat voters, and, as pointed out by Meghan McCain in one of the clips below, is not treating conservatives like garbage. These are good things. Some conservatives on social media are also claiming that it’s a plus that she’s much easier on the eyes than the other women running for the Democrats. Whatever. But it behooves us to remember that she’s still a Democrat with some quite nutty Democrat policy prescriptions that would still be devastating.

That said, I do actually like Tulsi. She thinks outside of the box, and I like that. If I know what someone is going to say before they say it, I just don’t find them interesting. Tulsi is certainly not ticking off the Democrat or Democratic Socialist talking points.

She’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the primary, but that is because the Media(D) and leftists have decided that they would rather have an honest-to-goodness socialist or someone who replaced her Native American headdress with shiny, socialist jackboots rather than a candidate with somewhat more moderate and a very different message.

It’s interesting then, that she’s such a threat with her single-digit polling numbers that she is being attacked for deviating from the Democratic Party’s status quo. None other than the Queen of Democrats, Hillary, targeted her, and the faithful Media(D) lapdogs have attacked Gabbard as well. She has been called quite a lot of things for someone who is a lower-tier candidate in a large pool of candidates vying for the nomination.

What exactly is the threat? Not walking in lock-step?

Gabbard was the one to bring up some of the criticisms of her that were leveled on The View and said she wanted to clear the air.

Joy Behar, one of the most unthinking partisan hack in the media — and hands-down winner of The Dumbest Woman On Television™ — couldn’t help but attack Tulsi after that

Behar lambasted Tulsi for pretty much everything — the endorsements by white nationalists, being a “useful idiot” for Vladimir Putin, and appearing on Fox News.

Tulsi wasn’t having it.

The clash between the two women went on for two segments.

BEHAR: Franklin Graham finds you “refreshing” — he doesn’t find me refreshing. Uh, Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader, says he could vote for you. You’re on Tucker Carlson at least ten times. Why don’t you go on Chris Wallace’s show?

GABBARD: Joy, this is why I’m on here because you and other people continue to spread these innuendos that have nothing to do with who I am.

BEHAR: Hillary Clinton started it and you shot back at her, boy! You called her the Queen of Warmongers.

GABBARD: You doubled-down — unfortunately, you doubled-down on the baseless accusations that she made that strikes at the core of who I am. I am a soldier. Because of the attacks on 9/11, I enlisted in the military to go after and defeat and destroy the evil that visited us on that day. I have served now for over 16 years. Deployed twice in the Middle East during the height of the war where every single day I saw firsthand the terribly high human cost. That’s why I ran for Congress.

They then played the clip of Hillary making a sly reference to Tulsi being a Russian asset being propped up by the Putin regime’s “election interference” team.

GABBARD: Really? I mean, this is outrageous. This is outrageous and offensive on so many levels. I have served as a member of Congress now for almost 7 years, receiving high-level national security and intelligence briefings, serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Armed Services Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, working to ensure the safety and security of the people of this country. This is why I’m running for President to continue that commitment of service.

Whoopi then jumps in and asks about the Russian bots and the claim that Tulsi is being groomed by Russia.

Gabbard and Behar clash again after that as Behar takes offense on Hillary’s behalf for being called a “warmonger” by Gabbard.

Watch segment 1:

After the break, Behar decided to go after Gabbard again — this time about appearing on Tucker Carlson 16 times and calling Fox News “State TV” and propaganda.

At one point, Gabbard cracked open the giant can of whoop-ass.

GABBARD: Let me start with how offensive it is to say that I’m a witting or unwitting asset of a foreign country working against the interests of our people and our country — the country that I am willing to lay my life down for.

BEHAR: Not deliberately. Not deliberately.

GABBARD: So if you are saying it’s not deliberately, then you are implying that I am too stupid and too naive and lack the intelligence to know what I am doing. And that is extremely offensive to me and to every woman of color.

Watch segment 2:

Hell yeah! That was A-Maz-Ing.

Criticism of ideas is fine, but agree with her politics or not, it is indeed extremely offensive to suggest that Tulsi Gabbard is a puppet of Putin simply because she treats conservatives as human beings.

It’s also incredibly satisfying to watch shrieky leftist harridan Joy Behar get put in her place.


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