Look Familiar? Overthrow Protest Strategy Unleashed On Trump Now Hits The UK (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 14, 2019

The Left gets uppity when you accuse them of protesting over losing votes. But the evidence that we’re right about this is really pretty strong. Here’s why.

When Trump took office, we have learned that there was ALREADY an effort to use DOJ resources against him. We saw efforts to undermine his legitimacy from Day 1. That was thanks in large part to Glen Simpson’s FusionGPS as well as some Hillary-funded Russian disinformation courtesy a former British Spy.

Hillary didn’t even have the decency to concede her loss until the next day.

Then came the Black Block Antifa protests, the Pussy Hat marches, inflammatory speeches, ‘not my President’ chants and a ‘Resist’ movement.

Well, what’s been happening since Boris Johnson won an election that basically stuck an icepick into the hopes of anyone trying to force UK to #Remain in the EU?

Hundreds have taken to protest across the UK, chanting ‘not my Prime Minister’, among other things. Try saying it out loud. It’s got ZERO punch to it. What were they even thinking?

What sad copycats they are, and ignorant of their own system of government.

First: where were these same protesters when the government sat on their hands and refused to implement the *explicit* will of the people in the Brexit decision? Nowhere. So stuff it, you useless partisan, probably paid-to-protest gits.

Second: do these dopes not realize they live in a parliamentary system where they pick the party in power but not the leader? It’s a system where party leaders get to pick their own leadership from among themselves?

These yahoos (in the Swiftian usage) don’t get ANY say in who the Prime Minister is… only who their local members of Parliament are.

And on THAT score, the People have Spoken… in a landslide.

The Woke Globalists and Socialists had their collectivist asses handed to them. And we LOVED it.

This outraged tantrum is just an expression of what psychologists call an ‘extinction burst’.


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