AWKWARD: Defeated UK Party Leader Stuggles To Answer Simple Question ‘What Is A Woman’? (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2019

After Boris’s landslide election, Corbyn will be resigning, but the chica leading the Lib-Dem party didn’t even win her own seat. Maybe this video had something to do with it.

Boris Johnson, routinely described as a Trump-esque figure in British politics, came in like a wrecking ball and just about ran the table politically. His win was ‘Yuge’, with numbers not seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher (the ‘Iron Lady’ in office during the Reagan years).

Jo Swinson, on the other hand, the new leader of the other ‘major’ party (called ‘Liberal Democrats’) didn’t even win her own seat.

Maybe sad performances like this one had something to do with it.

If you watch the clip to the end, it mentions her platform to prioritize women’s rights. That would have been all well and good a few years ago. But this is 2019.

And woke politicians in the UK have gone all-in with all of intersectional feminism’s latest definitions of such mundane words like women.

If you’re going to make a policy prioritizing women’s rights, it might be a helpful to define your terms, right?

She just couldn’t do it. It was almost as awkward as Justin Trudeau’s ridiculous ‘peoplekind’ moment. It was bad. Really bad.

See for yourself:

You can’t even handle a question about the scope of your own damn platform?

For anyone keeping score at home, that caller used EXACTLY the right strategy for showing how bankrupt their ideas really are.

You don’t have to argue or convince anyone. Just ask the right intelligent, probing questions and you can let THEM do all the scrambling.