Dem’s New ‘Resistance’ Hero Pam Karlan Makes Dumb Joke About Barron Trump — Melania Responds

Written by Wes Walker on December 5, 2019

If the Democrats *wanted* to send a message that this is a witchhunt with a for-ordained conclusion, they could hardly do more than what they’ve done so far. Look at their ‘witnesses’ for example.

We’re supposed to take these people seriously, are we?

In answering a question posed by Sheila Jackson Lee — who is herself on the shortlist of Democrats too absurd for parody — Professor Pamela Karlan uses the President’s young son to illustrate her point about the tyranny of kings.

Not cool, Karlan.

Would you have done the same with Obama’s teenage girls? We all know the answer to that, now, don’t we?

She learned not to piss off a mom. Fortunately for Karlan, or FLOTUS is not as bombastic as her husband, and her fierce protective instincts were tempered by her typical poise and grace:

Not that this should in any way surprise us. She’s long since tipped her hand about what she REALLY thinks about ‘those’ people.

Pretty rich for someone who took offense to a Republican’s reference to her ‘Ivory Tower’, eh?

She was eventually shamed into an apology…

If you can even call it that.

Gee, now we know why the Democrats liked this witness.

She’s one of their own.

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