Here’s Chuck Todd Setting Up Dems For Their NEXT Anti-Trump Talking Point

Written by Wes Walker on December 9, 2019

If you thought that Al Green’s ‘impeach him because of slavery’ angle was dumb, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Roll back the calendar to October of 2016, and you will remember the campaigns between Trump and Hillary hitting their top gear. The Dems and their proxies were unloading all the dirt they could find on Trump, while the guy who beat her was hitting speaking to crowds in what, seven states a day?

But in the debates themselves, there was one ‘gotcha’ moment in particular in which the Democrats were SURE they had Trump dead to rights.

She asked him if he would accept a Hillary victory. And his refusal to give an absolute affirmative was proof that he was an anti-American tyrannical power-hungry reprobate. Or something like that.

And then something happened.

Hillary DIDN’T win.

But somehow all of those finger-wagging ‘smooth transition of power’ speeches dissolved like frost in the morning sun. It was as if they had never uttered. In their place was every conceivable method of discrediting Trump’s electoral win.

So much for ‘smooth transitons of power’.

Fast forward to 2019. The Dem’s impeachment circus is pressing forward. But it might not be enough to destroy him outright.

Now Chuck Todd is already helping Democrats plant seeds of doubt in the results of the NEXT election.

Compare the apple-polishing he did for absolute disgrace Jerry Nadler to the vigorous heckling he gave Ted Cruz.

He’s not just cheering for one side, he’s actively trying to help them.

Even Pravda would look at our ‘journalists’ with contempt.

At least they had the excuse of having no choice but to report for ‘The Party’. When American ‘journalists’ sold their souls, they did so willingly.


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