WTF? Marianne Williamson Tweets (And Quickly Deletes) President Trump Had Pardoned Charles Manson — He Didn’t

Written by Wes Walker on December 9, 2019

Here is reason 27,392,715 you should never trust leftist ‘news’ sources. If something seems a little crazy, check your sources before embarrassing yourself on social media.

Marianne Williamson was a favorite of many on the Right because she was so very entertaining. She didn’t even TRY to hide the fact that she’s straight-up loopy.

Putting it out there like that deserves a little bit of respect.

It doesn’t make her any less LOOPY, though. And she gave us yet another reminder of why we don’t actually take her seriously.

Two minutes later she added this…

So obviously, she was convinced this was true.

While it originally came from a parody site, she probably picked it up from someone reposting a story from the DailyKos who stupidly ran it the same day. Not that something that blatantly stupid could ever hurt the credibility of a dumpster fire site like the Daily Kos. Here’s a screenshot including both the DailyKos header and the Trump Pardons Charles Manson headline, dated Nov 16. (A small disclaimer mentions that ‘this content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.)

Twitter then did what Twitter does, giving the usual variety of responses.

Savoring the stupidity:

Open mockery, leveraging it against someone else:

The ‘I have questions’ response…

Snarky predictions…

And the least enjoyable of the lot — the dutiful fact-checker.

If you think 2019 has been a crazy ride, just wait until 2020!