HILARIOUS: Bro Loses It When Two Bull Moose Square Off In His Front Yard (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 9, 2019

As crazy as it is to see two moose locking antlers in suburbia, this guy’s reaction steals the show.

There’s really no way to set up a video like this besides telling our audience to turn up the sound, be ready for some profanity, and get ready to laugh your ass off.

Because this guy takes losing your $#*! to the next level.

Hey Ma!

Yep. You know you’re in pretty bad shape if you can’t tell whether these two enormous creatures with antlers to match are moose of buffalo.

And why exactly did he keep calling ‘Ma’ to do something about it?

Pretty great, eh?

It gets even better. Turns out this clip that went viral was actually a voiceover by a comic.

The battle between two bull moose in Alaska was originally run on Nat Geo, and given this hilarious audio overdub.

Full credit to him for the clip, because really, we’ve heard plenty of actual clips that sound just like this.

Enjoy the break from our regularly-scheduled reporting on DC Stupidity.