10,000 Camels In Snipers’ Crosshairs While Australia Deals With Wildfires

Written by Wes Walker on January 10, 2020

Save the animals or save the ecology? Animal rights activists and eco-zealots are NOT going to agree about who’s right in this story.

Lost in all the talk about the wildfires is what’s happening with their camels. Did you even KNOW they had an issue with camels?

As you’ve probably heard by now, Australia has been dealing with a massive problem of wildfires sweeping their country.

Environmental alarmists are, predictably, wagging their fingers and blaming ‘climate deniers’ for destroying the planet.

They are discrediting anyone trying to bring up the fact that nearly 200 people have already been charged with arson for causing these fires and anyone daring to mention failures in brush management due to environmental restrictions.

Maybe THIS old story should raise some questions:

Islamic State media is “encouraging ISIS followers to start wildfires in the U.S. and Europe as a new way of ‘waging jihad.’” Except that it really isn’t new. Three years ago in Israel, 13 Muslims were arrested for arson jihad as fires still raged through the northern port city of Haifa in “acts of terrorism.” And more recently, the Palestinians in Gaza have sent kites fitted out with incendiary devices across the border into Israel and have set fire to thousands of acres of cropland.

The Islamic State is seeking revenge since the death of its caliph Al Baghdadi, and finding creative ways to kill and destroy is all a part of the jihad. Attempt to cast terror into the hearts of disbelievers can come in any form.
Source: JihadWatch

Wherever the blame may lie for STARTING these fires, Americans are coming to the rescue.

Here is the video he’s quoting:

And WHY are we coming to the rescue? Because, contrary to the opinion of colleges, elected Democrats, and media elites, Americans really ARE the good guys.

But while all that drama is unfolding, there is another issue they are dealing with.

They need to cull 10,000 camels. Because, like the cane toads, camels are an invasive species, and causing problems.

In the 19th century, more than 20,000 camels were introduced from India. Now they are overrunning the place, with something like 100k wild camels roaming the country.

Explained: Why is Australia killing the camels?
The year 2019 was the driest and hottest on record in Australia. A catastrophic bushfire season, that began months before usual, has left over 25 people dead, and has burned over 1.5 crore acres of land, killing an estimated 100 crore animals. [Editor: 1 Crore = 10 Million; 1 lakh = 10,000]

The acute drought has pushed massive herds of feral or wild camels towards remote towns looking for water, endangering indigenous communities. According to South Australia’s environment department, some camels have died of thirst or trampled each other as they rushed to find water.

The camels have been threatening scarce reserves of food and water, besides damaging infrastructure and creating a hazard for drivers, authorities have said. The herds have also contaminated important water sources and cultural sites.

The APY Lands are located in Australia’s southeast and are home to about 2,300 Aboriginal Australians. In the past, the inhabitants used to gather the camels and sell them, but the recent drought spell has caused an unmanageable number of animals to turn up.

…Australia is believed to have the largest population of wild camels in the world — over 10 lakh, which is rapidly growing. The herds roam in the country’s inland deserts, and are considered a pest, as they foul water sources and trample native flora while foraging for food over vast distances each day.

Unless their breeding is controlled, the camel population doubles every nine years. The animals also have a massive carbon footprint, each camel emitting methane equivalent to one tonne of carbon ­dioxide a year. Some in the APY Lands are now demanding legislation that would allow them to legally cull the animals, which could help offset greenhouse emissions.
Source: IndianExpress

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