Double-Amputee Hero Vet Blasts House For Gutless Resolution On Iran

Written by Wes Walker on January 10, 2020

Rep Brian Mast tells us in graphic detail why Soleimani was a cockroach whose death was a good thing.

While media types like Chris Matthews are busy trying to compare Iran’s dead terrorist to Princess Diana or Elvis, Rep Mast — a double-amputee Army Ranger who lost both legs in Afghanistan.

Mast was a guest on Fox and Friends explaining how Solemani was responsible for terrorists using an upgraded armor-penetrating explosive known as the EFP.

But the clip that got him invited onto Fox in the first place was the speech he gave in the well of the House, while Nancy and Company were deliberating their House resolution specifically condemning any further action being taken against Iran.

Standing on two prosthetic legs, he lays out — in some gruesome detail — exactly what horrors our American military suffered that would more than justify blasting Iran’s former General and Terrorist-in-chief into a fine red mist.

Here is just a little of what he was saying:

He was a terrorist no different from Al Baghdadi, Bin Laden (and he named other).

He was the head of a terrorist organization no different than ISIS or Al Quaeda.

They were burned alive.

Their lungs were scorched.

Vehicle fragments were blown into their skulls.

THEY are the credible explanation for deleting this terrorist target from this world.

And did he have something to say for anyone afraid of the inherent dangers associated with doing the right thing?

Oh HELL yeah.

He ripped them a new one.