Leftist Celebrities Love Iran More Than They Love America — Here’s PROOF

Written by K. Walker on January 7, 2020

If their social media posts are any indication, some celebs about five minutes away from joining Iran in chanting “Death to America.”

Killing a terrorist with the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands has sure set off the celebrities that are suddenly foreign policy experts.

Of course, they’re not fans of the killing of the revered poetry-reciting General Qasem Soleimani — just look at the crowd at his funeral, that shows how much he was loved, right? (Never mind the fact that it’s dangerous to oppose an authoritarian regime.)

A bunch of leftist celebrities were opining on social media that they weren’t keen on the President’s decision to take out a known terrorist when he was in the crosshairs while he planned imminent attacks on U.S. assets in Iraq.

We’ve already covered Rose McGowan’s bizarre apologetic tweets to Iran about being held hostage by a terrorist regime, but she wasn’t alone in the sudden escalation of her Trump Derangement Syndrome.™

I am old enough to remember when we all came together against terrorism. Not anymore. Because Orange Man Bad — just like America Bad.

I presume at least some of them are afraid to be called racist if they criticize Iran. After all, to an intersectional leftist, Iran is filled with “brown people” and therefore must be better than America. At the very least, if you’re a leftist, you don’t dare criticize Iran for funding, arming, and giving safe haven to terrorists.

It didn’t take long to get Putin’s name tossed into the mix.

Meathead gonna Meathead:

Actually, I agree with this. I wrote an entire article about it here:

3 Reasons Trump’s Actions Towards Iran Is PURE Stable Genius

And there are also the “how did they become famous” celebrities:

Michael Moore mourns the death of a known terrorist.

But that’s not enough. He decided to violate the Logan Act to promote his podcast. Classy.

That’s pretty bad, but what’s worse than that was Kathy Griffin, she of the Trump beheading video fame, attempting to “educate” her followers.

Ummm… no. He was a General that reported directly to Ayatollah Khamenei.

Besides both the parliamentarians and the Mullahs aren’t fans of America.

Here’s the Iranian parliament chanting their favorite phrase next to “Allahu Akbar”:

In the next tweet, Griffin says that Iran is a sovereign nation, but doesn’t mention that they’re not a democratic nation and they’re under a theocracy that suppresses human rights. Iran has laws that jail women for not wearing a headscarf, and the penalty for homosexuality is either forced gender reassignment surgery, banishment, or death, not to mention the killing of dissidents.


Ok, that was pretty asinine, but nothing and I mean nothing compares to Colin Kaepernick’s take.

He literally blamed the killing of Soleimani on racism and American imperialism.

No really.

When you only see the world in the framework of the struggle between every oppressed person of color against the big, bad white people, you might overlook some details. Just little things like Soleimani, because he was a terrorist mastermind, may have been the biggest killer of brown people in the world. Spoiler Alert for Colin: brown people can also be bad.

Carl Benjamin, (aka: Sargon of Akkad,) posted a video collection of some of the worst offenders and it’s pretty hilarious.

I swear, these comments by celebrities are beyond parody. They also deserve every single “Libs owned” response that they get. It’s completely preventable. They wouldn’t be mocked if they didn’t side with terrorists.

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