Dear MAGA Peeps: Here Is Your Daily Reminder That CNN Absolutely HATES You (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 28, 2020

But Mr. hands-in-his-pants Don Lemon is a ‘serious’ journalist. He’s convinced he has every RIGHT to mock the rest of us ‘rubes’ like this… because he is CNN.

The reason the Left is so viciously anti-Trump is because he figured out early on exactly what he’s dealing with. The media is NOT our friend. They are the scorpion on the back of the frog in that parable, and they need to be treated as such.

That’s why he blasts them every chance he gets. And he mocks them for getting everything so very wrong.

Here is the sometimes-sober and not-biased-at-all CNN host Don Lemon giving us a proud display of his down-the-middle dispassionate and professional journalism. Don Lemon’s guests were CNN contributor and NYT op-ed writer, Wajahat Ali and Never-Trump self-described “apostate GOP media guy” Rick Wilson.

Now, as you watch this clip mocking the ‘credulous’ right, keep in mind that these are the same MENSA rejects that assured us for two years that Trump was *absolutely* Putin’s puppet and anyonw who couldn’t see that was blind to the obvious.

And then the Mueller Report blew that lie halfway to hell.

These are the very same guys who just paid out a defamation settlement to Nick Sandmann over the Covington Kids incident last year; who went all-in on the laughable Jussie Smollett hoax.

These guys really do believe they are above the rest of us.

Smarter than the rest of us.

They even believe they are better people than the rest of us.

As though they believe America can’t see right through them.

Oh, and the President saw the clip too. What did he have to say about it? Well, pretty much what you’d expect.

Although we’re not sure about calling him the dumbest. There is some really stiff competition from Cuomo and Stelter for that one. And Chuck Todd for that matter.


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