Hey Dems: Biden Of ’99 Has Something To Say About Calling Impeachment Witnesses

Written by Wes Walker on January 31, 2020

Joe’s the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he? First, he gave us the ‘Biden rule’ that ruined Merrick Garland’s fondest hopes. Now he’s throwing a spoke in the wheel of the Impeachment hearings.

And it’s Politico, of all places, that dug this gem up.

In January 1999, then-Sen. Joe Biden argued strongly against the need to depose additional witnesses or seek new evidence in a memo sent to fellow Democrats ahead of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial.

Biden circulated the four-page document, titled “Arguments in Support of a Summary Impeachment Trial,” on Jan. 5, 1999. In his memo, obtained by POLITICO, Biden cited historical precedents from impeachment cases going back to the establishment of the Senate and asserted “The Senate need not hold a ‘full-blown’ trial.

“The Senate may dismiss articles of impeachment without holding a full trial or taking new evidence. Put another way, the Constitution does not impose on the Senate the duty to hold a trial,” Biden wrote at the time.

The Delaware Democrat added later: “In a number of previous impeachment trials, the Senate has reached the judgment that its constitutional role as a sole trier of impeachments does not require it to take new evidence or hear live witness testimony.”
Source: Politico

This runs directly counter from Nancy ‘guilty until proven innocent’ Pelosi’s claims that Trump cannot be proven innocent unless there is a trial with witnesses and documents.

‘Proven’ innocent.

She really does belong in a Monty Python sketch.

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