Iran Launches Rockets Against Two Iraqi Bases Housing U.S. Troops — Country Immediately Goes To Crap

Written by Wes Walker on January 8, 2020

***UPDATE Jan. 8, 2020 8:45 am

More information was available about the Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near the airport in Tehran. Additionally, Ukraine International Airlines has suspended flights to Tehran indefinitely.

Also, the article originally stated that there were two earthquakes in Iran yesterday, but official reports could only confirm one.

The article has been corrected throughout.


For a religion with a completely fatalistic view of divine destiny, after a night like this, even THEY have to be wondering if God is trying to send them a message.

Their rocket attacks against American interests in Iraq were (reportedly) a dud.

A plane crashed while taking off from their airport.

AND a report of an earthquake close to an Iranian Nuclear facility.

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake hit Iran early Wednesday morning on a volatile day in the region, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake struck in the southwestern part of the country near the Bushehr nuclear plant.

Source: Fox News

A Ukranian passenger plane crashed near an airport in Tehran with no survivors.


Official reports point to ‘engine trouble’ but Reuters is reporting that Iran is refusing to give the black box from the plane to Boeing.

The plane had only been in the air for about two minutes before it came down.

Video at the scene shows the crash site with firey debris spread all over the ground.

Ukraine has refused to rule out that the plane was shot down by the Iranian regime, but urged caution until an investigation is complete.

Investigators were scrambling Wednesday to determine the cause of a crash that killed all 176 people on board a plane that came down shortly after takeoff from Tehran’s international airport.

The Boeing 737 jet, operated by Ukraine International Airlines, took off early on Wednesday en route to the Ukrainian capital Kiev with 167 passengers and nine crew on board.

Earlier reports from Iranian state media had said 180 people were on board Flight PS752.
Eighty-two Iranians, 63 Canadians, and 11 Ukrainians died in the crash, according to a tweet from Ukrainian foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko.
There were also 10 Swedes, four Afghans, three Germans and three British nationals among the victims, he said.

Source: CNN

The IRGC said that the rocket attacks were revenge for the airstrike that killed Soleimani, but with not one American killed, it may be a strategic false show of retaliation to save face and give the regime an “out” from the escalation with the United States.

In a statement, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, an elite wing of the Iranian military said the attacks on Iraqi bases were “hard revenge” for the death of Soleimani. The IRGC said any country housing US troops could be subject to “hostile and aggressive acts” and called on American citizens to demand the government remove US troops from the region.

“To the Great Satan … we warn that if you repeat your wickedness or take any additional movements or make additional aggression, we will respond with more painful and crushing responses,” the statement to the US read.
Source: CNN

Maybe ‘painful and crushing’ has s different meaning in their language. So far it only looks ’embarrassing’.

The Media(D) is on this and the misinformation is all over the place.

Cindy Otis, who claims to be “former CIA,” is chronicling the fake photos that are being tweeted out and sometimes picked up by journalists.

That one was an American Apache firing letting the punks on the ground starting fires at the Embassy know they had company.

So to recap…

The media fell in love with the dead terrorist and are *totally* throwing their skills (and propaganda) towards backing him and the efforts to ‘avenge’ him.

God, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be playing along.

The Mullahs better hope that nobody there asks the questions we’re asking here.

Someone just MIGHT question their authority — and that of the whole regime.

And wouldn’t THAT be a crying shame?

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