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‘Leading From Behind’: Biden Tips Hand To His Weak Foreign Policy Mirroring Obama’s

Unlike the 1990s Biden that boldly called such an attack on US interests an ‘act of war’, Sleepy Joe is ALREADY signaling to the world that he would be a paper tiger.

Iran — through their proxies — killed an American in Iraq in a rocket barrage. US military servicemen or women were also injured. Trump’s administration targeted the places those rockets came from and struck back.

Pro-Iranian forces aligned with Soleimani launched an attack on the US embassy in Iraq. Embassies, as Joe Biden should well know, are treated as being officially the soil of the country that owns them. An attack on a US embassy, therefore, is an attack on US soil.

Then Soleimani made the mistake of following up that attack (his name was scrawled in graffiti on the US embassy) by visiting Iraq.

That ‘visit’ was, shall we say, ‘cut short’ with a spectacularly warm welcome from an American drone strike. When his corpse had cooled, what was left was sent home in a box. Or maybe a bucket.

Here’s how the ‘old’ Joe would have reacted to such a provocation.

But the ‘new’ Joe would (apparently) NOT have responded to the attacks on an American Embassy.

Hardly surprising from the guy who became so very ‘play it safe’ that he gave a ‘no’ vote on the long-overdue killing of Osama Bin Laden. Hardly surprising from a guy who sat on his hands while Russia annexed Crimea. Hardly surprising from the guy who was in office when Iranians humiliated ten AMERICAN sailors in capturing an American vessel — with ZERO consequence for the insolence and propaganda photos that slaked the thirst of their Death To America base.

Biden does not approve of Trump’s administration leaving a smoking crater where a malevolent terrorist had been. Worse than that, he’s claiming Iran is now in the Driver’s seat.

Seriously, Joe? WTF?

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Iran is now in “the driver’s seat” in the Middle East after Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was killed in a U.S. drone strike and Iraq’s Parliament voted to expel foreign forces, including U.S. troops.

“This is a crisis totally of Donald Trump’s making,” Biden said in Grinnell, Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register.

“Iran now is going to be the person occupying and influencing Iraq, which is clearly not very much in our interest,” Biden said during a campaign stop.

“We have to face this alone, without our allies. The [Trump] administration didn’t consult or warn them, even though their interests are at stake, too — even though NATO countries have forces in the region as well,” he added. “NATO countries now are telling both — our allies, NATO — are telling both the United States and Iran — treating us both as part of the problem. Not Iran. Not us. Both of us.”
Source: The Hill

For one thing, that vote was no more a show of the entire will of the Iraqi people than Schumer taking a vote among just Democrat senators would be a show of the ‘entire will of the American’ people.

Those who voted were a pro-Iran block, with loyalties to (you guessed it!) Suleimaini.

For another thing, Iran is NOT ‘in the driver’s seat’ unless Americans preemptively surrender. Of course, since that’s Biden’s default setting, it’s easy to see how that’s the only way forward he can imagine.

He was a first-hand witness to Reagan’s ‘Peace Through Strength’ strategy, and saw the difference that made in how we dealt with our enemies compared to Carter’s far more servile peacenik approach.

And that’s a whole lotta ‘peace’ CARTER’S strategy delivered us, amiright? Wasn’t it during HIS presidency that Iran took the US embassy hostage in the first place? Yep, pretty sure that was him.

Meanwhile, even Democrats are fighting about Biden’s foreign policy.

You guessed it… Biden’s chops aren’t ‘leftist’ enough for some people’s taste.

But the moment presents challenges for a two-term vice president who was elected to six terms in the Senate. While his resume is longer than any of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, it comes with complications.

Progressives hoping to make American foreign policy less militaristic point to Biden’s 2002 vote to authorize the U.S. invasion of Iraq, suggesting it muddies his recent warning that Trump could push the U.S. into another of the “forever wars.” Alternately, Trump and Republicans cast Biden as indecisive or weak, seizing on his opposition to the 1991 U.S. military mission that drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait and his reluctance about the raid that killed Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden in 2011, when Biden was vice president.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator who voted against the Bush administration’s Iraq war powers request, calls it “baggage.” In a quote that Republicans recirculate frequently, former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote in his memoir that Biden, though a “man of integrity,” has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
Source: USN

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