‘Wax My Balls’ Activist Arrested And Charged For Assaulting A Reporter

Written by K. Walker on January 23, 2020

It looks like the law might not be on the side of the transgender activist with a litigious streak.

Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv, the male-to-female transgender activist who made headlines around the world for filing human rights lawsuits against (mostly) immigrant women for refusing to wax male genitalia is in the news one more time.

Just over a week ago, Yaniv was back in court relating to an incident where Yaniv brandished a restricted weapon — a taser, which is illegal to own in Canada — on a YouTube livestream chat with conservative transgender activist, Blair White. Outside the Surrey, British Columbia courthouse, Rebel News reporter, Keean Bexte, confronted Yaniv and was chased and attacked with Yaniv physically assaulting Bexte while being recorded. Bexte filed a lawsuit against Yaniv who has physically attacked reporters in the past.

There were unconfirmed reports that Yaniv had been arrested over the weekend, but Bexte confirmed the arrest on Wednesday.

In a statement to The Post Millennial, Bexte said, “Yaniv has been ordered to cease all contact with me, both directly and indirectly. I can’t wait for the day when Yaniv is put away for the long haul. He is dangerous and unpredictable.”

But that’s not all that Yaniv is in the news for. Amy Eileen Hamm, a reporter from The Post Millennial, may pursue legal action against Yaniv for defamation for claiming that Hamm sexually assaulted Yaniv in the bathroom prompting Yaniv to contact a rape crisis center. Hamm has retained an attorney who sent Yaniv a strongly worded letter. This alleged sexual assault came on the same day as that physical assault by Yaniv on Bexte.

Since becoming “internet famous” some of Yaniv’s more disturbing behavior has been exposed. The creepy online behavior targeting teenage girls, the odd selfies in women’s public bathrooms, and the singularly disturbing topless “all gender” swim with no parents allowed.

Yaniv had filed 16 complaints against women in the first round of Human Rights complaints hearings, many of whom were visible minorities and entrepreneurs. Yaniv only dropping them when the woman hired a lawyer or paid a “fee” to Yaniv to drop the complaint. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled against Yaniv in October for the frivolous complaints and ordered Yaniv to pay $2,000 to each of the women against which complaints had been filed.

Apparently, Yaniv didn’t learn anything from that experience. Yaniv has filed more complaints against women who refuse to wax male genitals. Human rights complaints were filed by Yaniv around the same time as Yaniv’s January 14 court date.

Even if Yaniv is behind bars, the civil litigations brought by Bexte and Hamm against Yaniv for assault and defamation respectively can proceed. According to Bexte, Yaniv would be court-ordered to appear for the civil litigations as planned.

Yaniv was released back into the community after the arrest and will appear in court in February. She will also appear in court in February for two prohibited weapons charges.

Source: The Post Millennial

Yaniv could face up to 5 years in prison if found guilty of the assault on Bexte. The question is — which prison would Yaniv be put in?


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