Biden Campaign Releases Anti-Mini Mike Ad — Team Bloomberg’s Response Is BRUTAL

Written by K. Walker on February 20, 2020

In the race to see who will have the opportunity to lose against President Trump in November, the Democrats aren’t playing nice anymore.

They’re finally attacking each other.

Tuesday was the day that former New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, came out and joined the other candidates on the debate stage. He’s already poured millions into an extensive ad-campaign with many complaining that he’s buying his way to the Presidency.

The other campaigns are getting desperate to fight against the massive amounts of cash that Bloomberg has at his disposal to completely saturate the media with his message.

Biden, who has taken a tumble in the polls, released an ad targeting Mike Bloomberg. The tweet promoting the ad read, “Welcome to the debates, Mike. WE have a lot to catch up on about Barack Obama’s record.” 

There was no malarkey detected in the ad, it was a pretty good attack.

Ok, so the music is annoying but the rest of the content was pretty strong by attacking Bloomberg’s record and revealing his hypocrisy.

The Biden camp subtweets Bloomberg, which means that they referred to Mini Mike rather than tag the campaign for a response.

But Team Bloomberg’s social media team has got some game.

It seems that Bloomberg managed to create an anti-Biden ad that was both complimentary and an attack at the same time. Team Bloomberg quote tweets the Biden ad along with their own response ad. The caption was also a twist of the knife, “Joe Biden has dedicated his life to this country. As a senator, and as a vice president, he has always stood by the side of great men. We are honored to have Joe’s support.”

Truly, it’s a piece of art. Not like the other weird stuff that his campaign has been putting out there.

The reactions to the tweets were hilarious! It’s also clear that Mini Mike isn’t so well-loved on Twitter despite his savvy social media team.

Don’t you love it when they eat their own?

And frankly, it’s the race for second place in the Democratic nomination process because according to recent polls, they’re not in the lead with delegates right now — Bernie Sanders is.

Whoever it is that finally wins this “Who Is The Least Worst Candidate” race will have to run against President Trump who has a very good record during his first three years in office.

That’s precisely the thing that he’s running on.

Good luck, Democrats!

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