CPAC Invites The ‘Anti-Greta’ To Speak About Environment — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on February 28, 2020

Unlike Greta, this cute *former* climate alarmist is an adult who actually knows the underlying science…

The left is already dismissing Naomi Seibt as some drooling, knuckle-dragging science-denying moron. Naturally… because destroying her reputation is far easier than interacting with the actual ideas she puts forward.

It’s the same thing they do with the rest of us in decrying us as evil, racist, sexist, ‘istophobic-phobo-phobes’. (To borrow Bongino’s line.)

Destroy the messenger and you can dismiss the message. It’s an intellectually dishonest ploy that they have leveraged to great effect for years.

But — if you scratch below the surface — this chick isn’t so easily dismissed as that.

For one thing, she’s actually an adult, not just an activist kid cutting class.

For another, she’s walked away from the Climate Alarmism that she had once bought in on. After carefully considering the claims, she has since found them unconvincing.

She does NOT ‘deny climate change’ in absolute terms, she’s specific in what she objects to.

For one thing, she doesn’t see CO2 as a critical threat to the global ecosystem. Further than that, she doesn’t think that human contribution to the factors driving climactic change are actually tied in any significant way to human behavior.

You can see the rest of what she had to say in the clip.