WATCH: Barr Powerfully Defends Traditional American Liberty Against An All-Powerful Totalitarian State!

Written by Wes Walker on February 28, 2020

You know when he leads off with ‘Conflict of Visions’ and a quote of Augustine, he is about to say something deeper than ordinary boilerplate speeches of the kind.

Why is it that politics have expanded to subsume every area of life, up to and including what we eat and what we wear?

Barr takes us all the way back to Greece and the Christian reinterpretation of those values to trace how we got to where we are now.

Our readers are going to enjoy what Barr has to say about the modest role of Government and the heavy emphasis on individual human liberty in our nation’s DNA, and how he sets it against Totalitarian ideologies that wear different faces and names, but have a grand view of the State and their role in ripping down the current way of life, to raise up utopian agendas in their place.

Just hearing him describe the Progressive use of taxpayer dollars to bribe and make dependant an entire class of voters to support them is worth taking the time to watch the whole thing. (From 12:29)

While they seek power through the Democratic Process, their policy agenda has become more aggressively collectivist, socialist, and explicitly revolutionary. The crux of the progressive program is the use of the public purse to provide ever-increasing benefits to the public and thereby make a permanent political constituency of supporters who are also dependent. They want able-bodied citizens to become more dependent, subject to greater control, and increasingly supportive of this dependency.

The tacit goal of this project is to convert all of us into 25-year olds living in the government’s basement focussing our energies on obtaining a larger allowance rather than getting a job and moving out and taking responsibility for ourselves.

Every time this writer hears this man speak, the depth of insight and understanding he can bring to bear on issues of the day continue to surprise.