FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Five Of Eight Tour Locations Cancelled Due To Activist Pressure

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2020

Remember the ‘good old days’ when activists claimed they were only fighting to have their OWN rights recognized with no ulterior motive of infringing on anyone else’s?

And some people actually believed that. But once they found themselves in a position of strength, they used that leverage to go after their ‘enemies’.

Another way of looking at that dynamic showed up recently on social media.

And that thought dovetails with this news about Franklin Graham.

England has a long history of faith playing a prominent role in their nation. But, much like the Old Testament examples seen in scripture, that religious devotion was not a constant across generations. Sometimes it that devotion was powerful, at other times, barely there at all.

But just like America’s Great Awakenings, they have had periods where much-needed social change was driven and carried forward by a religious revival.

History gives names like Wesley, Spurgeon, Booth, Knox, and others who have led the nation back to faith in ways that had reversed serious negative social trends that brought other nations to the brink of revolution. They faced resistance in their day like Franklin does today. Either from establishment forces or from those who would profit the most from their generation’s most popular sins, from drunkenness to slavery.

And now, in what’s being dubbed this ‘post-Christian’ era, Evangelists like Franklin Graham are carrying the same message of hope his father brought around the world for decades.

And — at least for now — our own generation’s pushback is scoring some success at blocking the gospel from being preached.

No, it isn’t the first time a message of grace and hope has been opposed.

No, the previous generations weren’t able to block the news altogether.

But it’s still a fight to get the message out… just like Jesus himself promised it would be.

Here’s what has been reported about the tactics being employed by the latest crop of anti-Christian zealots.

We were distinctly promised that their fight for right would in no way desire to limit the rights of other people, including religious people.

And the public took them at their word. Too bad their word wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, now, isn’t it?

The same group that calls anyone to the right of Karl Marx a ‘fascist’ has developed a bad habit of attacking anyone they even SUSPECT might disagree with them.


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