Investigate The Investigators: Durham Probe Expanding To Include Mueller Report

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2020

The wheels of justice turn slowly… but will they eventually ‘grind exceedingly fine’ as the proverb promises?

Still stinging from the news that the DOJ will not be filing charges against McCabe — despite a far larger body of credible evidence against him than has ever been presented against Flynn — we understand that the public is getting equal parts impatient and cynical as this process goes forward.

The only thing we know for sure is that the Durham probe is different from others in that he has the authority to bring wrongdoers up on charges.

The latest we are hearing about his investigation is that Durham is now turning his attention toward the Mueller team itself.

Considering the fact that Weismann and company had every reason to know this investigation was a sham from Day One, predicated upon bogus evidence — and yet dragged it on until Bill Barr was confirmed and it was clear they would be held accountable by someone competent — they still have some things to answer for.

We really have no way of knowing (at this point) what he’s looking for, or whether any significant heads will roll. But for those of us who are getting impatient, it might help to look at it this way.

If we were to see heads roll at the highest levels, what would have to happen first? It would take a slow and methodical assessment of what rules and laws were broken, by whom, and with what degree of culpability they were broken.

Then they would want to find out WHY they were broken and whether orders to do so came down from above.

In a case where that was the endgame, the steps one might take to make it happen would probably look something like what we understand Durham to be doing.

It’s far too soon either for hope or despair. We don’t have enough information.

But what we DO see still better than knowing there IS no investigation into the who, what, when, where or why of a spying scandal that absolutely dwarfs Nixon’s — or that would have if only Obama had an (R) after his name.