MEME OF THE DAY: The Current State Of The Democratic Party

Written by Wes Walker on February 28, 2020

Ever wonder what it might look like if Obama went back to check on how his party has been doing now that he’s skipped town? Wonder no longer!

It’s hardly a secret that Obama lost seats around the country partly because he diverted mega party resources to re-electing his sorry backside, leaving his party in a financial shambles well into the elections that followed.

But at least, when he left, there was some kind of general agreement on who the party was, and what their objectives were.

With Barack off spending his newfound millions and Hillary busily imploding, a power vacuum has emerged that the political opportunists are no longer afraid of taking a shot at.

How do you suppose it would look if Barack rocked back into town to check on how things are going?

After seeing the ‘food fights’ in the Dem debates, and the rising panic now a Socialist and a Billionaire are threatening to hijack control out of the hands of ‘establishment’ Democrats we think this meme sums the situation up beautifully.

Hey Obama, think of the bright side. After 8 years of pushing identitarian politics and pushing your party to the left, we can all safely say…

…’You Built That’!

Bonus: here’s a peek behind the curtain of how they made this clip…

These parody memes are getting more and more sophisticated.

And they are getting more devastating in their effect. (No wonder the Left hates these ‘doctored videos’.)