WATCH: Bro Pulls Gun In Broad Daylight — Armed Chick Wasn’t Playing His Game

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2020

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Right in broad daylight, some guy came out of nowhere and pulled a gun, waving it at a crowd in a busy street outside a school. There were kids right there and everything.

In the moment of chaos, while the criminal was distracted, Katia Sastre did what needed doing. She reached into her purse and protected the lives and property of everyone present.

Not only did she drop the guy right where he stood, but she had the good sense to disarm him before anyone else could get hurt, too.

Parents caught up in the violent scene fled with their kids – who had been attending a Mother’s Day celebration at the school in Suzano ahead of the event, which is marked on May 13 in Brazil.

The criminal was rushed to hospital after Katia made an emergency call from her mobile but died from his injuries soon after arrival.

Sao Paolo governor Marcio Franca visited military police officer Katia, 42, at her station yesterday to thank her for her bravery in saving the lives of other parents at her daughter’s school. — Sun

Katia, the woman with the gun in this footage, was an off-duty cop at the time. Since this video first went viral, she has gone on to be an elected official in Brazil.

When Democrats rail against the proliferation of guns, what they fail to consider is their ability to empower women who would otherwise have been victims to face their attackers.

This 42-year-old woman with a gun in her purse was able to stop a 21-year-old thug with a gun in his tracks. Meanwhile, in places like Fort Hood or Pensacola, able-bodied soldiers faced a hopeless situation because their attackers held the monopoly on lethal force.

As we can see from how short this clip is, the people present didn’t have time to pick up their phone and call for help, let alone have help arrive.

But it was an armed citizen (the police training though helpful, was incidental) that stopped the criminal in his tracks.

With the ambitious rise of gun-grabbers in places like Virginia, this story is one worthy of re-introducing to the conversation.