Watch: This Powerful Trump Super Bowl Ad Even Impressed Some Democrats!

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2020

This ad is a potential media narrative-breaker.

For all the hype we saw about MiniMike spending his own cash on a Superbowl ad, we didn’t hear the media talking much about Trump’s, did we?

And yet, Trump’s ad was turning heads, even among the Democrats.

Trump’s message took dead aim at the media-aided public perceptions that Democrats are the great defenders of minority interests, and totally flipped the script on them.

Here it is:

No, that weird musical interlude isn’t part of the ad. This was just an embeddable clip we were able find when it came time publish this piece.

The ad told Alice Johnson’s story and explained why the Trump administration’s policy was making the lives of real people better in a way that all the platitudes of the other side never did.

This is taking direct aim at the Democrat narrative and the lock they think they have on that key demographic stronghold.

Democrats may TALK about what they do to benefit groups like the African American demographic… but Trump has DELIVERED RESULTS.

Did you forget about Trump’s series of ‘Trump Tower meetings’ in which all sorts of movers and shakers from across the political spectrum were invited by Trump to tell him what they saw as the most urgent problems needing to be addressed, and what solutions hadn’t been properly considered yet?

And don’t think the phrase ‘reuniting families’ is accidental, either. It’s a slap in the face of Pelosi and the narrative the Democrats keep trying to manufacture about their refusal to create workable legislation to govern the crisis they worked so hard to create on the Southern Border.

The kneejerk reaction from many Democrats was (you guessed it) hostility.

But not everyone saw it through their partisan blinders.

That’s an interesting reaction from someone with political experience, don’t you think?

Trump doesn’t need to win over ALL of the Black voters who have historically voted Democrat. But if he can crack that 90% or so lock down a dozen point or more, that makes a HUGE difference in some ‘safe’ Democrat seats.

And messages like this one go a long way to challenging the long-held assumptions some voters haven’t even bothered to question in decades or even generations.

Dems can laugh this off all they want, but this is how culture gets changed.

That wasn’t the only Superbowl ad he ran, either. Here’s the other one:

This one is more of your traditional, conventional political ‘look what I accomplished’ kind of an ad.

What do you think of the ads? Did they hit their mark or nah?


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