Biden Vs. Sanders: The Boring Debate With AWFUL Candidates (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2020

On Sunday night was perhaps the last Democratic Debate and it was down to just two candidates — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

This could be it for Bernie’s presidential aspirations and he’s got to hit a home run if there’s any chance for him to win in the next few weeks.

The Debate was held with no audience due to the Coronavirus which was the dominant topic of the debate.
There are 577 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday as residents of Arizona, Florida, Ilinois, and Ohio get to vote.

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, currently has a comfortable lead over Senator Bernie Sanders(I-VT) and, at this point, it would take a miracle for Bernie to win.

Yet, Bernie is refusing to drop out of the race and is hanging on hoping for a brokered convention, or for Joe to be Joe and slip up.

At the start of the debate, candidates laid out how they would handle the national crisis due to the spread of the virus that originated in Wuhan.

Note that throughout the debate, even though COVID-19 was one of the major issues, both Biden and Bernie named the wrong virus. it wasn’t just a matter of saying “Wuhan Virus” or the more common “Coronavirus” they were both way off and said that the health issue of the day was a threat that was from several years ago.

Biden confuses the Coronavirus crisis to the SARS crisis:

Bernie calls the Wuhan Coronavirus the “Ebola Crisis”:

And Biden is just confused:

When it got to the impact of Coronavirus on the Economy, they both laid out their crazy, crazy plans. Joe started off talking about the “God-awful tax cut” and the need for bail-outs. Bernie, of course, used the time to talk about the need for Medicare-For-All.

CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up Bernie’s desire for a “revolution” and Biden came out of the gate pretty strong. Bernie railed against the “billionaires” that allegedly “control the legislative agenda.”

At one point, Bernie mentioned Super PACs and Biden accused Bernie of having 9 Super PACs supporting him, but didn’t name them.

The next segment was about issues that women face.

Pandering Joe commits to appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court and his running mate will be a woman.

In 2020, the idea that illegal aliens drive down wages and take jobs away from Americans is a “Republican canard” but in 2007, it was something that Joe believed.

Then we were on to the “climate crisis”:

Joe made it pretty clear that he’s against any new fracking.

The last segment was all about their weaknesses, which is a bit of a head-scratcher — wasn’t that on display in the previous 5 segments?

When asked to discuss his praise for Cuba, Bernie also praised China.

But hey, so did Joe, so…

These are the final two that they think can beat Trump?

Good luck with that, Dems.

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