Social Media ‘Influencer’ Is Pushing A DISGUSTING ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 16, 2020

This latest ‘internet challenge’ sucks worse than an airplane toilet. Which, incidentally, is something featured prominently in the ‘challenge’ itself.

While sane folks are busy doing what they can to avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital, this chick has gone the other direction and is turning herself into a freaking petri dish.

For those of you who thought that ‘reality TV’ was a race to the bottom, culturally, social media has stepped up, with a ‘hold my Corona’ reply.

The Howard Stern radio and ‘Jackass’-style shock TV shows of yesteryear seem almost innocent and naive compared to some of the stupid and dangerous publicity stunts pitched today. All of it done, of course, in the name of chasing the Almighty Dollar.

Let’s hope nobody is dumb enough to copy what she’s doing.

In case this actually needs repeating: ‘don’t try this at home’.

While many across the country have begun to live a life of self-quarantine and take precautionary steps to limit the exposure of the coronavirus, others, at least one particular Tik Tok user, seem to be taking a different approach. On Sunday, one account uploaded a clip of them attempting to start up the “Coronavirus Challenge.”

What that “challenge” entails has left many viewers stunned. The woman, who goes by the username Avalouiise, in the clip is seen completing the task by licking a toilet seat, a complete 180 from the social distancing and sanitizing approach that is going on across the nation. — PC

There isn’t a single redeeming thing about this stupid stunt.

Nobody should try this at home.

And while we’re not supporters of ‘cancel culture’ this chick could really use an intervention of some sort. If she doesn’t have any friends who will tell her ‘stop’… maybe the folks using her channel to advertise should really think twice about having their products associated with someone who licks public toilets.

The upside is that the feedback this chick is getting from her stunt is largely negative. With any luck, that will mean that Tide-pod-style copycats are fairly unlikely.