CNN’s Dana Bash Says Trump Is ‘Being The Kind Of Leader People Need’ And His Tone Has Been ‘Remarkable’

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2020

Uh-oh. A CNN employee just said something positive about ‘Orange Man Bad’. What will Zucker think about that?

As we know, CNN has had something of a ‘hate’ going on for the President since Day One. That’s OK, the feeling is more or less mutual. He calls them ‘Fake News’ and he means it.

They respond by proving him right in overplaying the negative news and running unsubstantiated stories they later have to retract, or politicizing the most trivial of things.

One of the more glaring examples was when they manipulated video with an awkward ‘zoom’ effect making it look like Trump was doing something wrong in over-feeding the fish on his visit to Japan. Of course, in the unaltered footage, we see the Japanese Head of State doing precisely the same thing one moment earlier.

But who cares, the press got their pound of flesh, and never really had to pay a price for it.

The Project Veritas expose on Zucker’s 9 am meetings were… instructive. We learned just how much this ‘get Trump’ sentiment comes directly from the top.

Which makes us wonder how he will react to this video clip:

Yes, this is Dana Bash describing Trump as ‘the leader American needs’.

A few days ago, Bash said that President Trump’s actions was a “show of force” that would make people feel better.

It wasn’t the only time she did so, either:

She’s describing him as a strong leader.

The question is — how will CNN respond to her deviating from the approved narrative. Will they accept it as her ‘authentic opinion’, or will she get her knuckles rapped for putting a human face on ‘Orange Man Bad’?

Of course, saying something nice about President Trump couldn’t be left to stand, so Bash began to walk it back on Twitter when Paul Bedard noticed and mentioned it in his Washington Examiner opinion piece. 


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